Avenue dream meanings

General Meanings:

One way, a street, an avenue or a track shows the life on which you currently are.

Psychological Meanings:

Different attitude Free journey – but where? The avenue makes a bend this shows upcoming changes of attitude. The bend points to the left, then it is followed by heart – points to the right, the reason has right of way.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if see a long avenue – in the dream you see a long avenue, this signifies that there is a long and good life for you;
  • Wealth life if walk along – You are moving on a straight, wealth and purposeful life;
  • Success if move toward visible goal – You are moving toward success, you will reach your desires;
  • Think again if suddenly turn on – This dream is a sign that you should double-check your current way of life.

* Please, see meaning of street, road.

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