Ax (axe) dream meanings


Brutal mutilation.


What am I ready to hack?

General Meanings:

Force is for you or against you The dream in which an ax appears has to be distinguished, whether this is directed against the dreamer or whether he uses it himself. In the first case, the dreamer is threatened by the huge power of another people. In the second case, the dream requires that he must realize and be aware of the destructive forces in himself. The Ax often emerges as tools with which one works, and then gives hope for a success. If you see only an ax in the dream, it can warn about a close misfortune which arises from exaggerated striving for power and unscrupulous ambition.

Psychological Meanings:

Destructive and merciless way of reaching aims There is something in the dream, what you have to finish only in destructive way. Who uses it as tools, means that he wants to reach aims by force and besides goes forward quite mercilessly and egoistically. It urges also to pay more attention to the needs of others. Often it is an indication that you waste energy in not so important things in the conscious life, but the energy is missing at crucial moments.

Spiritual Meanings:

The ax represents power, thunder, conquest of mistakes and victim. It is also a symbol of inconsiderate, thoughtless and merciless intentions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if see sharp Ax (axe) – In the dream you see very sharp ax, means that scare and conflicts will arise to you;
  • Misfortune if take in hand – The ax in your hands brings you bad luck and misfortune;
  • Disputes if have in the hand, grinding or brandishing – when you have and ax and you are grinding or brandishing with it, denotes about disputes where you are not quite guiltless;
  • Suffer if the ax is brandishing by another – Announces that you will suffer from the thoughtlessness and recklessness of another people;
  • Progress if work with it – The dream brings a good progress in your life;
  • Alienation if chop wood with it – When you are working  and chopping wood with an ax signifies an estrangement from a loved one;
  • Gladness if others using – Your friends are energetic and full of joy and they will make a pleasure in your life;
  • Love if a young woman sees an ax – The woman is very lovable, but she will not find a particularly wealthy lover.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Disturbance if see – In the dream you see an ax points to unhappy relations which will disturb you to reach the goals;
  • Worries if see how the wood is split – In the dream you see the wood is splitting with an ax, means discord and strife in your life;
  • Divorce if split wood – The dream denotes about separation in marital relationships.

* Please, see meaning of weapons.

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  1. Last night I had a dream that my friends and I met some random guy and he enticed then to smoke weed with him but I refused . then , he started chasing us and I wasn’t a very fast runner but I did my best . he eventually was able to capture all of my friends and I and we were outside on the street of some rich neighborhood . one house had this flashing light that took pictures of the outside if sounds were heard . it started flashing and he told us to all stay quiet . one house’s family came out and saw us and then another . the man ran out of site but nobody saw him . I ran inside the second family’s house and considered hiding but then for some reason left the house . me and my friends started running our asses of once the families went back inside . eventually someone pulled up in a car and offered us a ride to the police station . we all got in the car to find the man who had been chasing us to be the driver . we were locked in the car and he started driving to some house . we pulled up in the driveway and another one of my friends was with some guy and laughing . I tried mouthing for her to help but she just laughed and gave me a thumbs up and walked off with the random guy . when he got us out of the car we found some way to escape and started running faster than we’ve ever ran before while he yelled at us that he’d find us and kill every one of us . after that we tried to go on with our normal lives but I could tell something wasn’t right . I was sitting down in my house and for some reason I knew he was there . I knew he was going to come kill me . I just hoped it wouldn’t hurt too bad and it would be quick . I kept watching the corner of the room out of the corner of my eye and bam . there he pops out and throws and ax into my head . I didn’t feel a thing but the thing is , I didn’t die . I went to my mom and she dismissed it off and said we’d see the doctor in a couple days but she didn’t have time at the moment . I pulled the ax out of my head and there was no blood . I think that’s where I woke up . what does any of that mean ?

  2. In my dream a man was in my house and he was screaming at me and then he ran out the door and I followed him to yell back at him. By the time I got on the porch he picked up an ax from across the street and was coming at me with it.

  3. I once had a dream that my sister was attacking me, and I hit her with a very long axe (not sure if it’s an actual weapon) several times, reluctantly. I’d also like to know what using an axe on a family memer means.