Axis dream meanings

General Meanings:

Success and Moving toward Axis of a car shows continuing success and overcoming obstacles, if it runs like well lubricated. The axis creaks or breaks this indicates your stagnation or failure in a thing that you do or this may go on a good deal for you.

Psychological Meanings:

Life is running A quickly turning axis points to the fast way of life of the dreamer. The axis often represents also a perpetual motion machine – in the awake life the dreamer will rotate everything what is important to him and slows down his running through the life. And tries to enjoy the most important things in his life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes if of a vehicle – In the dream you see an axis of the vehicle, this may announce you important changes which are caused by the journey;
  • Good sign if (of a car) see – The dream is a good omen that you are standing in front of a good company, which will help you to improve your life;
  • Worries if broken axis – When you see a broken axis in the dream, this signifies that the purpose of the trip is so useful and your business breaks down again, but soon you will overcome all the difficulties;
  • Stagnation if creaking – This dream shows that you will have stagnant in business and you have to work hard if you want to develop and have benefits;
  • Progress if running quietly –  good progress in a matter which was strongly inhibited. Now nobody will stop you to reach your goals.

* Please, see meaning of shaft, driving, line, car.

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