Baker dream meanings

General Meanings:

Help and support The symbolic meaning of the baker is often seen as a helper in distress and hardship, who turns everything in good. It can also be a person or experience from childhood, which acts somehow in the current situation or relationship. If the baker handles in a dream with the fire, it is the spiritual food which is given to the dreamer.

Higher ability and success The baker also associated with creation and ability to reach higher level. The ability to mix everything and make something new, to create new things. This brings success, richness and happiness.

Psychological Meanings:

Creativity The baker presents the creative side of the dreamer, that provides emotional and spiritual nourishment for the dreamer.

Properties of the female In a dream an oven and a baker indicate procreation and birth. In the dream woman is occupied with the preparation of food in the oven, this is always an indication to the maternal giving and nourishing properties. The “fire” in the oven also has an importance because ancient people say that the fire is one of the four magical forces of nature.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fulfillment of wishes if see in front of the house a baker – This dream is a good sign that all your hopes will fulfill;
  • Luck and peace if see a baker – The dream signifies that you will remove all your concerns and worries. The fortune is coming to you;
  • Warning if see bread baking – You have to beware of people who want something from one, they want to make you harm;
  • Joy if be in the bakery – in the dream you are in the bakery, this is a very positive sign of happiness, success and satisfaction;
  • happy life if be a baker – You are living a health life and you will have prosperous and happy life;
  • Lucky year if be in a bakery – This year will be wonderful and awesome. The fortune is now with you.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good life if be in a bakery – This is a very good sign, that you will get incomes that you have deserved. Also you have to trust your intuition, this will lead you to welfare life;
  • Good life if be a baker – You are a baker in the dream shows that you will have wealthy life;
  • Honest if bake a bread – This dream signifies that the dreamer is very talent and good person who earns honestly;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Creation if be a baker – To be a baker in the dream signifies that you have unique talent and abilities. You have to trust yourself and try to create something new;
  • Success if be in a bakery – The dream will bring you successful and wonderful life.

* Please, see meaning of fire.

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  1. I’ve read several meanings of bakery, baking…its confusing. In my dream, I had the feeling of hope. I was carrying water in a big bucket from outdoor into the house, when my mom stopped me and pointed at a small building, she said “that’s the bakery…I have put the pans on top…” and then I acknowledged with a nod and thoughts to check it out later and continued with my bucket of water inside. In the dream, there was also a guy admiring me and following me around, he kept saying that I had beautiful legs. Pls, can I have the meaning of this dream?