Balcony dream meanings


View, seeing or being seen.


What do I want to watch from a safe point? What I would like to present to the world?

General Meanings:

House stands as an icon of the mother, also indicates female breast. Balcony sometimes refers to sex symbol of the female breast, maybe he/she needs to express repressed sexual desires.

  • ¬†When you dream, the fact that you are on a balcony, then you aspire for a higher position than you currently hold. This dream may also indicate that you are probably open to new interpersonal relationships.
  • If you stand under the balcony in a dream, it shows that the dreamer has a person who he admires and he desires to reach his position.
  • The damaged balcony indicates that you have probably buried hopes and you will not succeed.

Psychological Meanings:

In the waking life the dreamer is in a situation where he feels powerless. So in the dream he looks for a secure place where he can control others and to show his own qualities.

Spiritual Meanings:

Who dreams that he is in the balcony this shows that in some way he desires to recognize his competence or his spiritual progress on a spiritual level.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • New partner and sexual desires if see a balcony (for men) – This dream signifies the erotic desires. For woman this dream denotes that this will bring her new relation;
  • Love if stand and wave to people of the opposite sex person – This dream announces that love is reciprocated, promises happiness in existing or new love;
  • True friend if stand and wave to a same sex person – In the near future you will find a good comrade;
  • Stagnation if sit in a balcony – You are sitting in a balcony in your dream, then this marks that your speedy recovery or progress will be delayed for a while;
  • Better position if stand in a balcony – In the dream you are in a balcony so this dream is a sign that your current position in the social life is improving even to better;
  • No worries if go out of a balcony – In the dream you move out of a balcony, then this shows that everything will be well in spite of obstacles in your way;
  • Love if recognize another person on a balcony – Very positive dream which announces that you can hope for a warm reunion with a loved one;
  • No hopes if see damaged – In the dream you see that the balcony is damaged, so this marks that all the aims and hopes will not fulfillment;
  • Separation if say goodbye to love couples sadly in a balcony – This dream is very sad, which marks that soon you will have a separation with your lover or good friend.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Need of changes if see a balcony – The balcony as a dream symbol in a dream means that you should change your position, you are unaware of this and do not even know how to deal with everything.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Love if stand in a balcony – In the dream you are standing in the balcony, then this dream is good for lovers, because your love will reply to you.

* Please, see meaning of building, house.

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