Ballet dream meanings


Disciplined grace; culture.


Where in my life do I have an ability to take my power to the shape? How do I want to express this?

General Meanings:

Ability to show talents When you see a ballet in a dream, this indicates that you will have ability to show your feelings. That means that you will have a great advantage in situations in the near future which lets you to show your qualities;

Psychological Meanings:

Ability to choose Ballet as a dream symbol stands for discipline and performance, but also for coercion and drill. It is a sign of willingness to classify the most important things in your life or a sign of internal defense from temptation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • False friends if see or watch ballet – This dream is a warning that you should be careful because somebody wants to deceive you. You will experience delusions of a person from whom you expected very much support;
  • Seduction if dance ballet – This dream indicates that now it is a moment when you can be easily seduced. You shouldn’t make any empty promises, because they are only frivolous;
  • Desire to be lover if be a ballerina – A man sees himself as a dancer in a ballet, then this marks that in his real life wants to be “Gigolo” and “Don Juan”.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Sadness if see a ballet – This dream announces that you will have great disappointment.

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