Balloon dream meanings

General Meanings:

Balloon may have a similar meaning as a ball.

  • The balloon floats in the air with no connection with the ground and moves because of he wind, so this dream warns you against too arrogant plans, because you may lose the ground under your feet of the reality and therefore you may have problems.
  • The balloon slips quietly through a beautiful landscape, you will gain a better understanding of your life in the near future.
  • To blow up a balloon, then you have to inhibit anger, because this symbolizes that you will explode from inside because your desires will not fulfill.

Psychological Meanings:

Wish to escape A dream of balloon signifies that you are in a restrictive or a rigid phase of life which shows only one thing in your mind: let’s get out! You wish as a weightless balloon to take off and to fly and to become unattainable.

Desire to find joy and move freely The tied balloon indicates our ability to fly and suggests adventure. This also gives us an overview of our situation from above. As we rise into the air and are moving because of wind, this dream is a symbol of our higher intellectuality. Also the balloon as a dream symbol denotes our desire to hunt our happiness and this depends on the favorable wind.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sadness if see a balloon – In the dream you see the balloon in the air, then this marks that you will experience a great disappointment, even if they produce good ideas or even make something new;
  • Lost control if fly in a balloon -This dream is a sign that you move away from your achievable goals and you lost the ground under your feet;
  • Anger if see a burst of gas-filled – This dream marks that someone will be justifiably angry about you or your ideas or actions.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Missed chance if see flying away – In the dream you didn’t catch a balloon, then this shows that you’re missing a profit or a good opportunity in your life;
  • Fail if see falling balloon – In the dream you see falling balloon, then this marks that you will fail with your plans and ideas.

* Please, see meaning of air balloon, bubble.

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