Ballroom dance dream meanings

General Meanings:

To visit dance festival in a dream can be a sign that you may expect joy and gladness in your waking life. Often the ballroom dance is known as an indication of the unconscious, that you have to do more with your life in order to deal more extensively with your environment.

Psychological Meanings:

This symbol of sophisticated pleasures on a grand scale often expresses a desire for recognition, admiration, or for social advancement. You want that all the eyes of others to be on you and to be “shiny standing” (= evening clothes, accessories etc.) – sometimes even within a relationship.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if dance – In the dream you are in a ballroom dance so this indicates a bright future and you will find pleasure in your life;
  • Trust your friends if have fun while dancing – This dream denotes that all good things and happiness are in others hands, you have to trust them;
  • Gossip if do not feel happy – In the dream you are sad about dance, this marks that you will become the subject of gossip;
  • Good prospect if dance in ballroom – While you are dancing in the ballroom, then this dream is preparing you very good prospects, early engagement;
  • Good news if be between dancers -You are among the dancers in a dream, then this announces that a beneficial message will reach you;
  • No success if watch others dance and have fun – This dream is a sad sign that a long-cherished wish will not come true.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Fortune if participate in ballroom dance – In the dream you are participating in the dance, this indicates very lucky life;
  • Happiness if visit ballroom dance – Very good omen, this denotes that you will have great pleasure and will experience great joy;
  • Marriage if watch with pleasure – In the dream you enjoy and watch ballroom dance, then this dream signifies that you will soon attend a wedding or engagement.

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