Bamboo dream meanings


Versatility, high end growth, strength, flexibility.


Where in my life am I ready to thrive? What boundaries do I have to cross?

General Meanings:

The flexibility of the bamboo refers to the flexibility of personality, but also to perennial power. Bamboo is one of the most graceful and still most robust plant and therefore it depicts the characteristics of the dreamer.

Psychological Meanings:

Good life Bamboo as a dream symbol stands for good education, longevity and respectable old age. It symbolizes the power of giving support in difficult situations where the smart response is needed.

Spiritual Meanings:

New abilities and qualities The perfect and the flexible man is symbolized by bamboo. If the dreamer recognizes these two properties of this plant, then his fractures in his character now makes sense. You have to develop them in order to reach something higher in your life.

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  1. i dreamed of a rotten bamboo that was cut off by my mom and the second part of my dream was a yellow bamboo that was floating in the water and i run to get it–and i got it