Bandage (dressing) dream meanings


– Protection; Desire for healing.


– Which part of me is already hurt? Which part of the body do I want to protect? Which part do I want to save?

General Meanings:

Healing process When in the dream the bandage is put on, then this shows a beginning of healing process because of the pain that you have in the real life. This may come from the insult or painful experiences. (this may be caused by your own failure or others) Perhaps the dreamer has highlighted his difficulties in his real life and now he is ready to heal himself.

Overcame worries and painful experiences When the dreamer is sick or feels pain in the dreams, this means that now it is time for him to pay his whole attention to his talent and qualities in order to self-cure. Only good and lovely things will help to cure soul and inner world and will let to forget all the negative feelings.  Very good sign when the bandage is taken away, this means that the dreamer has already overcome his difficulties.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire to hide something unpleasant or ugly Which part of the body was hurt or violated in the dream and had to be protected with a bandage? This may be a connection with your own body, the part of your body or the feelings that you want to hide or to heal. The dream symbol of a bandage is a typical uncertainty dream of the women (or some) where they find the areas of their body so ugly for them, and think that they would like to “camouflage” them really with a bandage.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the bandage symbolizes the bandages of a mummy or preservation.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • if dream bandage – In the dream you with a bandage, the bandaged body part needs special attention, be very attentive and try to notice which parts of your body are injured. This will help you to find the answer.

* Please, see meaning of doctor, hospital, scar, pain, wound, eye pain.

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