Banker dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need of help Money and financial reserves are the things where the most people have troubles. Normally, the dream of banker may be a sign that the dreamer needs help when dealing with the worries that he has. Ancient dream books explain the dream of the financier as a warning against too much candor and blind trust.

Psychological Meanings:

Saved energy sources The banker in the dream signifies that the dreamer has his own inner resources which may be used any time. The banker as a dream symbol stands for control for the dreamer, this means that the dreamer should always control himself in order not to waste all his resources.

Spiritual Meanings:

In the dream to be a banker, then this is the reference to the right of the dreamer to take responsibility for his own spiritual world.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Better life if be employed by a bank (be a banker) – In the dream you are a banker, then this symbolizes an improvement of the situation and your life;
  • Warning if see a banker – When a banker appears in the dream, then this is a warning that you have to beware of speculation, they will not be financially beneficial;
  • Loss if speak or talk with a banker – In the dream you are talking with a banker sadly, then this dream announces you will suffer from a loss.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Accept bad times if see a banker – This dream is a sign that not everyone should complain for his misfortune, because this may happen because of your own fault.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if talk or do something with a banker – The dream is a warning against speculation, because this will not bring you any success or money.

* Please, see meaning of bank, bills, savings.

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  1. I had a book something over 30 years ago on unenistaddrng your dreams. It was basically a common-sense guide, but it also helped a person understand how dreams frequently use symbology, such as flying dreams generally representing a desire to escape from some situation.It also made the point that the correct interpretation of a dream is the one that feels right to the person who had the dream, no matter what anyone else thought about it. I hardly ever have dreams that are “storyline” type, myself. My dreams are generally very short, tableau-seeming images, with little dynamic content, as if I am creating photo montages instead of video clips. It’s weird.