Bar dream meanings


Relax, let yourself go; irresponsibility; pleasure.


Where in my life do I feel overwhelmed or stressed?

General Meanings:

Bar is a place for people who feel lonely, this is a request to seek more social life or superficial acquaintances. Sometimes, the bar as a dream symbol also warns against too much addiction to pleasure and wonderful feelings that remain ultimately unsatisfied.

  • The dream of alcohol consumption in a bar denotes the need for more intellectual stimulation and exchange of this with others.
  • To sit alone in a bar in the dream shows the desire to come out of a shell and to show yourself as a personality.
  • To go to a bar with someone in the dream usually reveals that you are looking for casual acquaintances.

Psychological Meanings:

You sit in a bar and fear of being accosted or recognized by someone there. Then this means that you have to think about how openly or strictly you deal with your individual satisfaction, which means pleasure! In the dream to be in strip bar where you want to remain undetected, then this denotes you desire for sexual adventures “outside the home”.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • New friends if be in a bar – In the dream you are in the bar, so such a dream will bring you pleasant acquaintance;
  • Wrong way if take care of a bar – In the dream you have a bar and take care of it, then this means that you are using questionable methods in order to move forward more quickly.

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