Bark dream meanings

General Meanings:

Warning Barking in the dream always pays attention to dangers that were consciously recognized. Above all, it may be an imponderable risks in a matter, false friends and other inconveniences.

Psychological Meanings:

The symbol of suppressed aggression.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if hear barking dogs – In a dream you hear barking dogs, then this warns you against unknown danger. You should not give the reason for to much gossip and prompts, you should listen to the warning voices and take do not take any unnecessary risks;
  • Bad people if see barking dogs in your own environment – This dream is a sign that there are people who have bad intentions against you;
  • New your attention if be barked at by dogs – When you were barked by dogs in the dream, then this requires your caution and cold blood, you have to think first and then act.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Listen if hear barking of a dog – This dream is a sign that you have to listen to the warnings of your friends!

* Please, see meaning of dog.

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