Barrier dream meanings

General Meanings:

Aggression against others The dream of a barrier consists of iron rods, then the dreamer must deal with how strong or aggressive he behaves with other people and how he feels himself against this behavior and whether the situation is appropriate and respective.

Psychological Meanings:

The Way back and Acceptance of limitations You are on foot or by car on your way and suddenly stop before the barrier. Neither a redirect or a turn-off is seen – it remains only a possibility – the way back. This dream symbolizes a “hopeless” situation, where there is no moving forward even with the best will. A challenge to recognize the limits of possibility (with your own force), to respect a taboo, to accept a necessary limitation. Standing in front of a barrier, especially for men may be related to the inability to find sexual fulfillment.

Spiritual Meanings:

An iron fence can be a symbol of spiritual power and force, strength in everyday life.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Strength if an iron barrier – In the dream you see an iron barrier this is a symbol of spiritual power and force in everyday life.

* Please, see meaning of limit.

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