Bathroom dream meanings


Place of cleansing and letting go.


What do I want to let go?

General Meanings:

The dream of bathing scene symbolizes a peaceful process of relaxation and purification. This dream recommends you to have a spiritual cleansing: you have to clarify your relations and feelings with a partner, get rid of a tension and stress, “dive” into a new common well-being.

Psychological Meanings:

Cleaning mind and soul The place of purification, which indicates the emotional release. The clear geometric shape such as a round or a square bathroom (or even a bathtub) points to the good and positive emotions that the dreamer has. In the bathroom we want to liberate ourselves from everyday dirt. Who cleans the bathroom from filth and dirt, before he washes himself, this means that he wants to forget the past quickly, to clean himself before the new start.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unpleasant events if see in the bathroom white and yellow roses in a box – The white and yellow roses in the bathroom denotes that your plans are ruined, but the good side of this that after this disappointment you will have a longer – lasting high;
  • Get rid of bad behavior if a young woman dreaming of bathroom – The young woman dreams of a bathroom, then this means that she tends to live very dissolute life. She has to get rid of this and only then she will be happy.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Shame if walk around in a bathroom – In the dream you are walking around in the bathroom, then this dream indicates that you will haveĀ  shame because of your thoughts and behavior.

* Please, see meaning of bath, bathtub.

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