Bathtub dream meanings

General Meanings:

Bathtub may occur along with the bathroom and this has very common meanings of a dream. As the ancient dream books interpret, it is very important material:

  •  if a zinc tub marks restrictions in material terms;
  •  if an enamel tub indicates an imminent improvement of life;
  •  if marble tube denotes healing from disease.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Satisfaction if be in a clean bathtub – Such a dream signifies that you will be satisfied with what you have planned and reached ;
  • Surprise if marble bathtub – In the dream your bath is marble then this announces that you will have a pleasant surprise after a serious illness;
  • Ability to correct mistakes if zinc bathtub – The bath is made of zinc, then this denotes that all your bad decisions will not be published and this marks that you have an ability to correct them;
  • Better life if bathtub made of a cast-iron-enamel – This dream denotes that your situation is improving and becoming even better;
  • No worries if be in a hot tub – The water in the tub is clear, then this marks that you will recover after illness and you will solve the difficulties and will avoid danger;

* Please, see meaning of baden.

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  1. i had a dream that i am going to have a bath. I entered the bathroom which was very clean, tiled bathroom. And then i saw a tub filled with clean blue water and i just wanted to dive into it. But then i saw an Indian movie star Salman Khan entering in the bathroom also to have a bath. Then i apologized him and went outside. After words i came back and saw the tub was half filled with water. but i didn’t see any filth.

  2. What does my dream mean? I dreamed that I was in bath and there was a pipe above my head that looked worn out on the rivvits so to make sure I put my hand to check and it broke cos it was about to fall anyway. So I screamed for my mother, she blamed me for breaking it as the bathroom started to flood with hot water. My mother kept blaming me! And I kept taking an outh that I didn’t and it was already broken. I was so angry with her. Please explain!