Beard dream meanings


Authority, power and wisdom.


How I will express the power I have? How I will show my authority?

In general:

In general, the beard of men in many cultures stands for the masculinity, virility and superiority. There are many different dream explanations that includes the beard. Some of them foretells, that the beard could be a symbol for the tendency of the dreamer to hide his true face under the beard or create completely misleading image of himself.
The beard could also reflect the outside dreams world and the influence of the culture the beard has. Because in many different countries and cultures beard is known for the symbol of protection, masculinity the dreamer could dream of the images he sees quite often.
The media could have an influence either on the dreams, fashion and looks the people are wearing. The very loud and known person of wearing beard was Eurovision’s songs context winner Conchita Wurst, who made the beard the main thing for her image. Therefore, if you dream of Conchita Wurst, such dream indicates the big influence TV or any other media does to you.


On psychological level the beard is something that relates to power, masculinity and basic instincts, especially of the men. Because the symbol of beard is an indication of an aggression, such dream may indicate the power the one has and uses it. It is very common explanation in dreams that relates to beard, that the one loses his power sometimes even problems with his impotency, but only at dreams in which the one loses his beard.


On the spiritual level, the dream about beard symbolizes wisdom, power and intimacy.


European (Judeo-Christian)
Great endeavors if long beard – the dream in which the one has long beard, will get succeed at all business deals;
Healthiness if strong beard – the dream in which the beard is long, strong, full and big denotes wealth especially at your health;
Wisdom if white beard – the one who sees the beard that is white, has the features such as wisdom and knowing;
Fatigue if gray beard – the dream in which the beard is gray, indicates the tiredness and distress the dreamer has;
Great health if black beard – the beard which the dreamer sees as the black one, indicates the youth and health the one has;
False friendship if red beard – the one who see his beard being red, will face fake friendships or relationships;
Great circumstances if strong beard – the one who has strong beard is getting the power, control over the things he really likes doing;
Risks if tugging beard – if someone, tries to tug the beard, means that the dreamer is afraid to lose the power and is going to take risks;
Losses if shaved beard – the beard that has been shaved indicates losses, the dreamer will suffer;
Be aware of badness if beardless – the one who has the beard in real life, but sees himself beardless in a dream should consider or being more careful with those he is surrounded by;
Fear of losing the strength if beard cut – the one who has cut the beard by himself, is afraid of losing his virility by his own fault;
Great management if beard combed and/or brushed – the beard that has been brushed and combed, represents the dreamer’s ability to control and manage tasks that he received;
Favorable circumstances if beard growing – the growth is a very positive symbol, which indicates the growth to anything the one does;
Loss of love if lady wears beard – the young woman or a girl, who wears a beard is going to lose the one she loves;
Frustration if man sees beard on a woman – if the man notices the female wearing a beard, then such dream indicates an anger, insecurity tiredness and frustration for a dreamer;
Desire for a marriage if woman sees beard on a woman – such dream denotes to the wish of being married, however such marriage is not going to last, therefore the one should be careful before going into such agreements.

Imminent increment if see beard – the one who sees the beard will receive the great growth at the job he is doing;
Warning if cut the beard – the one that cuts the beard is forewarned to be careful and do not make fun of other people;
Will be honored if gray beard – the one who dreams of seeing or having a beard that is gray, will be rewarded for his knowledge of things;
False friends if red beard – the color of the beard, which is red, indicates the unreal and false relationships the one might get into;
Behave yourself if black beard – to dream of the beard that is black, symbolizes the passions, desire to take risks, which is very dangerous, therefore the dreamer should be aware before doing anything;
Dishonor if white beard – the dream in which the dreamer sees or has white beard is going to suffer disgrace and shame;
Minor loss if woman with beard – the woman who wears beard in a dream, indicates losses. However, the forfeitures are not going to be the big ones;
Think twice if child has beard – the kid who has a beard, signifies the tendency of the dreamer to do things spontaneously, without thinking of the consequences. Be aware of that and make sure you consider the situation you are in;
Agony if rip off the beard – if the dreamer took off the beard by himself or somebody else has done it, such dream shows the pain and frustration the one will suffer.

Arabian (Islamic)
Health if long, dark beard – to dream of the beard that looks full, long and dark indicates healthy life for the one who has dreamed of it;
Great reputation if wife has beard – the husband who dreams of his wife having a beard, will be honored in the community he is at the moment;
Sorrow if extremely long beard – the beard that is abnormally long, symbolizes the pain, sorrow and frustration the one will suffer;
Temptation if reddish/ginger beard – the reddish beard signifies the lures the one will have. There is also a possibility of being seduced;
Loss of dignity if shaved the beard – the dreamer who sees himself shaving or the beard is simply falling of, denotes to the reputation that will be destroyed;
Prestige if gray beard – the grey color of the beard represents the respectability from others the one will get;
Fear if red beard – the beard that is red, denotes to the awe, which comes out of religion;
Illness if yellow beard – the beard that is yellow, indicates the diseases, unhealthy lifestyle and any kind of illness the one will suffer;
Will become poor if beard half shaved – the beard that has not been shaved properly or it was shaved just half of it, reveals the losses of riches. The more of the hair has been shaved, the more one will lose;
Financial losses if cut off beard – the beard that has been trimmed or cut off, signifies the losses of the finances the dreamer had.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Look at yourself with the beard
Usually the beard is the sign of masculinity, therefore the dreamer who was looking at himself with the beard, is willing to express his personality and show the power he has. For women, wearing beard indicates the ability to handle things without any help from others, especially from men;

Shave the beard
The fear of losing the masculinity and power, reflects in the dreams. The shaving beard is an act of removing men’s power by taking it off. Even in ancient times the beard was the sign of masculinity, therefore in conscious mind of the dreamer, represents the beard as inseparable part of the man.

See woman with the beard
The dream in which the dreamer sees the woman wearing a beard could represent the lack of men in her life and their domination at particular tasks.

* Please, see meaning of hair.

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