Bedbug dream meanings

General Meanings:

Embarrassment¬†The bedbug symbol usually stands for negative and unpleasant situation or phase in persons’ life. Also this announces irritation or confusion in minds.

Illness Also this symbol announces about disease or even death. Your body is too polluted by bad habits or even painful thoughts. Your mind is too tired to fight with all these feelings.

Psychological Meanings:

Inner dirt From this side the bedbugs are associated with the dirt. You may feel dirty inside you. These bugs appears only in the places where are lots of dirt. So this symbol shows that you conscience is dirty with unpleasant and bad feelings.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness if seeing bed bug in a dream – This dream prophesies disease and discontent;
  • Death if seeing a lot bed bugs – Very bad sign, which may indicate a death;
  • Bad luck if see dead bugs in the dream – This dream announces you bad luck and a disease;
  • The end of worries if kill the bugs in the dream – You will escape from serious illness or accident;
  • Illness if seeing white walls and crawling up bedbugs – When the bedbugs are crawling up the wall in the dream, this announces disease. You have to be more attentive with your health and thoughts;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Worries if seeing a lot of bedbug in the dream – Dreaming bedbugs, signifies that you have lots of worries and troubles and do not know how to deal with them. You must stop and start everything from the beginning step by step;
  • Bad news if crawling bedbug – In the dream you see a crawling bedbug, this marks that unpleasant message or event is coming to you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Change your life if seeing a colony of bedbugs – Such dream shows that you have to change your attitude to your life and dealing with problems. You must get rid of all bad thoughts and disappointment, so the life will change only to better.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming and seeing bedbugs – This dream symbol is associated with bad thoughts, unpleasant events or even disease. This dream warns you, that you have to change your attitude to your life and try to see the bright side. Only then you can deal with all your worries and problems.

Crawling or moving bedbugs or bugs in the dream – This dream announces upcoming bad events unpleasant situation, worries or disease. Your body and mind is full of dirt. This will bring you illness. You feel embarrassment and confused, this will not help you to deal with worries. You have to take care of your health. Healthy soul – healthy body.

Kill or destroy bedbugs/bugs in the dream – The dream shows that you will get rid of all bad thoughts and wrong influence. You will release yourself from bad habits or wrong attitude. This will help you to avoid serious illness and keep living more healthier life. Your thoughts will be cleaned from the dirt, which polluted all your body and soul.

Being bitten by bedbugs or seeing on the body bedbugs in the dream – In the dream you were bitten by bedbug or bedbugs were moving on your body, is a warning that you are doing or acting wrongly. This dream warns you that you are near danger or serious illness. You little by little pollute yourself with negative thoughts, anger, anxiety and jealous. This will not help you to move forward and to reach your aims.

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  1. I had a very strange dream about a bedbug I dreamed that there was a single bed bug in my son’s ear and in my dream I was thinking to get a pair of tweezers to try to extract it but then I woke up before I could do anything

  2. what is the meaning when I dream many bed bugs under my bed and I tried to kill them all using my husband’s slippers but when I bit them some are dead some are not and gone, I thought some are run away when I bit them using slippers

  3. Bed bugs actually prefer clean spaces and have nothing to do with filth or dirt. Just thought I would clarify that because I feel it changes the meaning of seeing them in your dream.

  4. I got a dream when I saw giant bedbugs . everyone was ignoring them and when l came and bedbugs saw me they started running away , I got a big stick and I killed them all .

  5. Last night I had a dream that there were bed bugs all over my bed and pillow. I looked and there were millions of them, everywhere..on the walls, in the sink, inside the toilet to the point they took up all the water and couldn’t flush..they were in the pipes..I wanted to get rid of them but they pushed in by the millions..I have been going through so much in my now I’m kinda thinking I’m sick and going to die..pressure keeps coming in from all directions and I can’t come up..every time I try I get knocked back down..

  6. I had a dream of bed bugs walking up a dressing gown i had not used. I was taking then off and killing them and had the gown on in my dream. What could this indicate?

    Had a boyfriend who i considered my soul mate, we never dated, he is a genius with many talents but ignores me unless he needs sex. When he has sex i am his dog. He is never there for me at all , unless he needs sex. i buy him gifts to show i care, cook him necks but feel usd.

    I have not been well. Think i have an eating disorder. Have been told i am anemic. Spend my time feeling weak and without energy.

    Please advise.

    I have anemic

    • Oh sweetie I am sorry you went through that.. I don’t know you but I know that a man must love and respect his girl.. If this boy, not man doesn’t know how to treat you he is not worthy of you or your love..

      It’s been a while and so I hope all is well with you now but it’s important to see that you are beautiful in your own way and you are worthy of a true love.. Don’t allow anyone, specially a boy to hurt you and take advantage of your love..

    • Sounds like this dream is telling you he will never marry you or take you serious hun it’s time to move on. If he’s not taking you seriously then he’s definitely using you. I’m sure you’re very beautiful. Wait on the creator of the universe-God to send the right man your way and he will be as perfect for you as the moon, sun and stars are perfect for the world. He’s not your boyfriend if he’s never taken you on a date, you haven’t met his family or friends.. Have confidence in youself. Stay encouraged!