Being invisible (invisibility) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Feels ignored and invisible for others When the dreamer becomes invisible or disappears in the dream, then this points to the fact that the dreamer is afraid to confront with insights or there is something that he would like to forget. the motive of this dream appears in two ways. Firstly, the dreamer feels ignored, disrespected and invisible of important figures or fellows in the waking life. Secondly, this is a possibility for the dreamer to do what ever he wants, because nobody can see him. This is one of the frequent omnipotence dreams.

Psychological Meanings:

Your shadow and conscience When dreamer is conscious that something is invisible in his dream, this represents as a prompt, just simply to perceive the picture without interpreting it immediately. The dream figure of male or feminine which seems to be invisible can sometimes represent the dreamer’s shadow. In both men’s and women’s dreams this will have the same gender and will embody the dreamer. According to ancient Egyptian invisibility shows that slander escapes which appears as in the dream.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the invisible symbolizes the indefinable.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Left aside if being invisible – Dreaming that you are invisible signifies your feelings such as not being noticed as a person or recognized for what is really significant to you. You feel that you are forgotten and left alone;
  • Unresolved affair if someone else is invisible (known person) – When someone else is invisible or becomes such, this signifies unsolved matters or feelings to that person. But if you do not know the person, then this embodies your conscience for undone works and matters.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Escape if becoming invisible – In the dream you became invisible, this may show that you try to withdraw from the difficult situations or problems.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming and seeing somebody invisible – This dream symbol shows that you have undone affairs, worries with that person which you see in the dream. You feel that he/she doesn’t pay much attention to you, you need that he/she notices you as a good trustful person. You think carefully of that person’s aspects and you miss some of them in him and want to develop them yourself.

Hearing the voice of invisible person (man, woman etc.) –  This may be your conscience which leads you all the time and helps you to choose the right way. The voice warns, commands, forbids, blesses or rebukes you, this is your inner voice. You must listen to it and hear what it says.

Being yourself or becoming invisible in the dream – You are invisible and you feel that nobody sees you. Being invisible in the dream, marks that you feel ignored in your waking life and you want to step aside. People do not pay attention to you, no one wants to hears you and use your advises. But sometimes when you are invisible, you want to hide your plans, ideas or even attitude to the certain situation. You want to be unnoticeable, to hide everything from the others, because you can act secretly and use this ability for your own matters.

Being invisible to others – You do not show yourself as visible as you want in your waking life. Your lack of confidence always shows that others matter is more important than yours. That is why you feel ignored. You do not show your talents and abilities. You are afraid to show them and people can not award you for your work and efforts. You should make your talents to be recognized. This will make you fell more confident and ear respect from others. Then you will become visible for others.

Dreaming that things becomes invisible (car, money, wall, door and etc.) – Things which became invisible in the dream, may signify that you are hiding them from others. This show that you are hiding them because you feel that you do not deserve them, or even because you got them by cheating and you want to hide them from others. The wall or door which became invisible indicate that you must move on and do not be afraid to show your talents. Now all the barriers are destroyed and the way are widely opened for you. You are ready to step into recognition and to earn the respect from others, and the most important from yourself.

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  1. I’ve just woken up from a dream where l was invisible to other people,, it started when l was in a zone that was guarded with tight security and said to be infested with land mines,,, but those guards couldn’t see me,, then there came a family,,a white family,,I said this since I am African, and they were looking for people in that zone again,, but they couldn’t see me,,I was kind of hiding but I knew I was invisible because people passed by me, then one kid, very young came and stopped, and said “I FEEL LIKE I’M WITH SOMEONE HERE” he came very close to me so I shaked a branch of a log near him, and he just smiled and went away, I then came out but he still couldn’t see me, l called out his name and he couldn’t see me still,, he just responded and l said to him good bye,, and he started following me,,l had to tell him we were in a dangerous zone for us to go together because he was visible,,, he was disappointed but he had attracted the attention of an elder woman,, who acted like a secretary of some sort,, she too wanted to follow me but she couldn’t see me,, we got to some sort of boundary or border,,l told her to go back or she risked being shot,, she refused but l teleported and took her back to the boundary,, in lightning speed,, then I came to a certain home,, a saw a woman,, of an African tribe,,l felt inside me that she could see me,, and she surely acted like she saw me,, but the surprising thing is she acted like I’m done form of god or something,, she knelt down in front of me and l touched her head,, then she touched my middle finger and started shaking like it was part of tradition to her,,,I’m surprised but it felt good

  2. Had the craziest dream of my whole life I was in some sort of futuristic city and there was an Asian doctor dude seemed like an authority figure we were in a park on a pavilion he was talking to three people a chubby little kid and two others that I can’t describe well, one male and one female the doctor told me we were all invisible and he couldn’t see us the kid would do childish things and wander off so we kept him close the others were talking with the doctor they seemed uneasy I noticed we started to walk into the city the doctor said we needed to meet with someone we got into a van and drove there. When we arrived there was another Asian important looking guy he gave us all these eye drops and said to use them so we did and then we were told to get back into the van they brought us all to different places to let us out and then they acted as if someone was following us and then it faded to the next day. At the pavilion again the kid was playing and the doctor and the other two were talking again I asked him for the first time,” so you can’t see me”? He said no “And you can’t see them”? No, he said. It was like just then I was realizing this and somehow no one can see just us four people we started to walk again but this time we had to go to a gas station. When we got there the doctor looked scared he kept saying to just keep walking don’t look around or at any cars. We were told to take the eye drops so I asked what they were for. He told me so I didn’t pass out. I said I wasn’t tired but he assured me I would go unconscious soon without them. Right as I was trying to figure all this out and start talking to the other invisible people I woke up and found the weirdest thing when I looked it up I’ve heard of being able to connect to another dimension in your dreams but I didn’t think that’s what it was until I read this, it seems unreal I mean I’ve researched interesting dreams before but this had some sort of connection or meaning to it. Something about it seemed so relevant like I need to find out who those people were where we were and how come we were invisible.

  3. Hello goodmorning, I dreamt just lately around 4 – 5 am. And I can’t stop thingking of it about what I dreamt of. So I researched on Google what are the meaning of this. That, I just have 30 seconds to activate my Invisibility. After 30 Seconds, In everybody around me, they will be able to see me again. Everytime I’m visible to people, I want to be Invisible again. To do that, I have to tap my right arm with a white tissue thingy to activated my Invisibility. Lol It’s kinda weird tho, but I’m enjoy doing it constantly. Because everytime it happened, I’m Free to do what I want to. To walk fast like Flash in DC Comics, To Jump in the wall so high like Hulk, and to Fly like I’m Superman as well.

  4. hey i just watched this interview of childish gambino, an artist i really liked and he sai dhe saw an invisible being as a child and i dont think hes crazy and i too am sure i have seen the same thing. I grew up in south africa and one night i woke up very early in the morning probably around 4 or 5 am and i saw the outline of a head through the window and i couldnt see details of its face but it looked completely transparent. This is always something ive remembered because i know i wasnt dreaming and sometimes i wonder what i saw. maybe it was something i remembered from an alien abduction. I also remember the first memory where i became actually conscious of myself and that was after i moved to the states and it was from an injury. It was as if i woke up from a dream. maybe its all connected lol looking for answers.

  5. Hi, I lucid dream most of the time. What I’ve learned doing is controlling things in my dream like getting in a fight w people and me winning, flying. Recently I’ve trained “myself ” w stuff. Like holding my hand up and grabbing things w my mind. Last night I was in this secret room and ppl were coming in. I told myself “be invisible ” then ppl came in and didn’t see me. What’s weird is that I could see the back of myself when I was invisible like I was watching. I hope you can help me with an interpretation.

    • I doubt powers in a dream can be explained in the way people try to interpret random sub-conscience events in dreams. I too have lucid dreams, can move/pull objects (telekinesis), walk-through walls, fly, teleport, freeze time, and go invisible. The difference though, is that when I go invisible, I call a phrase (invisible) and wave my hand in front of my face. The moment where I doubt my powers, they stop working.

      This is likely the difference between the conscience and the sub-conscience interacting in the same state of mind.

  6. i have dreamt being invisible with someone i knew (my ex-boyfriend ) we both are invisible. And as i read your article i think this means that i have undone affairs, worries with my ex and he doesn’t pay much attention to me and it’s definitely right with my situation now. how will i solve this? when i don’t have the courage to communicate with him right now. Or this just mean that i want to forget him?