Berry dream meanings

General Meanings:

  • To eat berries – this will bring you joy.
  • To see berries – a sign that you will need a lot of effort and patience in your life.
  • To look for berries and can’t find any – this denotes that you are on the wrong way of your life and have to consider thoroughly your plan and desires.
  • To pluck and to collect berries – this means that you will have to fight in order to reach your aims.
  • Red berries – this dream symbol indicates opponents that are in the vicinity.
  • Black berries – show grief and sorrow.
  • Berries are rotten or dried – trouble and worries.

Psychological Meanings:

Happiness When you eat berries in the dream then this dream shows that you find joy and happiness in little thing of life. But if you find some rotten berries then this shows that all the happy things will be swallowed by troubles.

Lack of seriousness The appetite for berries often indicate sexual needs. Berries can also be a warning sign when you pluck some berries from the bush and eat without considering whether they are toxic. Not everything that looks tempting or “sweet taste”, may be a “wholesome.” This dream symbol shows that you may be too credulous and spontaneous person!

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Searching for love if look for berries – In the dream you are looking for berries in the forest this may be a sign that it is time for you to start looking for a love partner, but this way is very troublesome;
  • Wrong way if look for berries and can not find – When you are looking for berries and can’t find them in your dream, then this is a sign that you are moving toward failure and will not implement your goals;
  • Success if collect lots of berries – You have collected and found lots of berries then this dream has a very positive meaning that all your loads and efforts will be awarded and you will have success;
  • Pleasure if find berries and then enjoy eating – When you find berries and enjoy eating in the dream, then this dream announces you pleasure and enjoyment in your life;
  • Frustration if immature and dried up berries – Such a dream symbol marks anger, frustration and conflicts in near future, also indicates that you have no luck in love;
  • Losses if sell berries – You are selling berries in the dream, then you may expect some losses in your life, but later this will bring even bigger wealth.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if eat some berries – This dream is a warning that you have to pay attention to your health;
  • News if find berries – In the dream you find berries then you may get unexpected pleasures or news;
  • Attention if red berries – The red berries as a dream symbol gives you a sign that you have to be mindful of your surroundings, something is wrong there and this may bring you worries;
  • Worries if see black berries – In the dream you see black berries then this announces you some worries, but soon you will solve them without any consequences .

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if searching for berries – In the dream you are searching for berries then this dream shows that you’ll have lots of trouble;
  • Luck if look for some and find – You find some berries in your dream denotes that you will have success without much efforts;
  • Disputes if eat berries – You eat some kind of berries in your dream, then you will have some disputes and enmity with you family members;
  • Bad sign if pick red berries – This dream is very negative which announces disease or death of a close relative;
  • Worries if eat red berries – Eating red berries in the dream indicates toil and troubles;
  • Grief if pick black berries – You pick black berries in your dream, then this dream will bring you a lot of heartache and grief.

* Please, see meaning of hunger.

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  1. I was in a vast field of berries and the leaves were very green the plants were knee high and planted very close to each other the berries were red so i was picking them and eating i couldnt see where the field started or ended it was just vast and i was maybe in the middle of the field it was so beautiful the leaves where soft and it was a marvel to look at the field i was with my friend but i didnt see her eat the berries