Bigamy dream meanings

General Meanings:

Hard to choose In a dream to be a bigamist, then this is an indication of your inability to make decision – either between two loved ones, or between two possible action. The dreamer has two options, which are of equal value for him, so this is really hard to make decisions.

Psychological Meanings:

Betray To be married in the dream with a bigamist, then there is a possibility that you eventually will be betrayed by a person who stands near you.

Spiritual Meanings:

Two ways On the spiritual level may the bigamy may denote that you have to make or to stand between right and wrong decision.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Lost manhood if be guilty as a man – In the dream you are a man and you are guilty because of bigamy, then this announces the loss of manhood and mental retardation;
  • Disgrace if be guilty as a woman – In the dream you are a woman and you are guilty because of bigamy then this dream indicates shame, unless you are very discreet.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Need of decision if be a bigamist – In the dream you are a bigamist then this dream gives you an advice that you can not dance at two weddings, this is time for you to choose.

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