Billiard dream meanings

General Meanings:

Be vigilant The dream about billiard symbolizes the constant ups and downs in your life, the change of joy and sorrow, success and misfortune. You may consider that this dream stands as a warning not to rely too much on luck, but try harder to make life non independent from these circumstances.

Use your talents If you are a good billiard player in the dream, then this shows that you have to use skill and talents, probably this goes as a symbol of fate that needs to be used.

Psychological Meanings:

Use plan and strategy Billiard is a game that requires much skill while playing. In the dream a billiard means the need to focus on a difficult problem or a whole series of problems. You have to solve there problems in a certain way, you use a strategy in order to finish and to win.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if play a billiard – In the dream you are playing billiard then this is a bad sign. You will come into a difficult situation, you will have disputes because of property. Someone is trying to destroy your reputation and is making gossip about you;
  • Fortune if see billiard – This dream indicates that you will have various ways of fortune and you will have to use them;
  • Worries because of a proposal if play billiard – For young people who are playing billiard in the dream, then this dream means that major obstacles they will have in the courtship (by the family of the partner);
  • Betrayal if see a billiard table and stylish balls – This dream indicates that you will be betrayed by dishonest friends.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Careful if see billiard table – In a dream you see a billiard table then this dream warns you do not act in haste, you try to make things with dubious success. Also you should beware of empty promises because they will not bring anything good for you;
  • Be more responsible if playing billiard – In the dream you are playing billiard then this means that you are ignoring your duty and responsibilities, because you just enjoying the success.

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