Birdcage dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

The prison of the bird (birdcage) stands for our inner freedom, the mental-induced inferiority complex. When you open the door of the cage in the dream, then this means that you free yourself from all the negative things or feelings in your life. You may take a deep breathe and live your new life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unpopularity if see a birdcage – In your dream you see a birdcage then this dream indicates that you will make yourself unpopular because of gossip and defamation;
  • Love your family if see empty birdcage – The empty birdcage in the dream you have to be more attentive to your family life because you may lose them. Also you have to be careful because of a deception, disappointment or loss.

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