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  1. I was on some type of ranch in the middle of Texas some where…it was early in the morning just after sunrise. The sun was almost blinding me it was so bright out. It was also kind of foggy and humid. But it didn’t feel that bad outside….I was standing in the back yard which was pretty big…All I remember is looking around and seeing a big barn at the far end of the back yard. The house behind me was a nice two story house. But it was very old…the next thing I know I seen a big white fury thing about the size of an elephant eye baling me on the other side of the yard. My heart instantly dropped past my stomach. It was the biggest bison probably to ever exist and every breath it took was loud and powerful. It looked as if steam was coming from its mouth and nose…(pure intimidation)…and after it took a few extra looks at me…it immediately charged with what seemed like the intention to kill…I couldn’t run. The bison that was about the same size as the barn froze me in time as it came charging.but before it got close enough to hit me….I woke up sweating like I had been exercising.

  2. I was in a dirt field with 2 friends that were a couple, and I was with a friend of my own as well who seemed rather vague and ambiguous. There was one giant earth mover in the field as if construction was under way. At first we were approached by a deer and the other couple wanted to shoot it. So my friend and I hid under a hill. Then a huge brown bison started charging all of us. It was so powerful it was capable of tossing and turning the enormous earth mover. We were all forced to run and hide….staying as quite as possible as were afraid for our lives. Then suddenly a smaller white bison charged into the field and began doing battle with the huge bison. Then charged each other and smashed their horns into each other over and over again. Each time, the white bison was thrown to the ground or tossed into the air. And some how the earth mover always seemed to be in the picture. One time the white bison was thrown into it and it began to roll down the hill and nearly killed my friend and I. Then as we were forced into the open the huge brown bison saw us and began to charge us, but the white bison again stopped him, and was thrown to the ground. We were all afraid for our lives and I was shouting for my friend to shoot the brown bison when I woke up.

    What does it mean? It was very powerful in my mind.