Blackberry dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Blackberry as a dream symbol is regarded as a sexual symbol for bitter-sweet seduction, whereby the spines of the bush are also important.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Disease if see blackberry – In a dream you see a blackberry then this is a sign of illness;
  • Sadness if pick or eat blackberries – In the dream you pick and eat blackberries, then this dream may be as a sign of unhappiness, because you will lost your loved person;
  • Wealth if pluck a lot of blackberries – You pluck lots of blackberries in your dream, then this may announce you a financial gain because of your hard work;
  • Warning if see another picking blackberries – When you see that someone else is picking blackberries, then this dream wants to show you that you have secret enemies who try to harm you.

* Please, see meaning of berries.

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