Blood dream meanings


Essence, vital energy, life-threatening.


Where in my life do I let my vitality?

General Meanings:

Since ancient times, blood is a symbol of life and life energy. Blood in general represents vitality, physical strength and awareness that enable an active life, sometimes even sex. In addition this symbolizes interpersonal relationships, fears and inhibitions. There are many different interpretations that can be derived only from the circumstances in the dream and the real life situation, for example:

  • The dream of a violent situation which flows in the blood, then this shows that it carries destructive forces.
  • If the dreamer has bleeding injuries and he is helped by another person, he may gain clarity about what kind of help he needs in order to cope with the pain he has in real life.
  • In general bleeding interpreted as a sign of vitality.
  •  Who sees himself bleeding in the dream, means that he has emotional wounds, that he does not want to admit, because it would humiliate him in front of others.
  • Spitting blood can symbolize that you want to spit out all the “impure”.
  • To be stained with blood most often shows an indication of guilt and shame because you yourself do not fully accept these “dirty” feelings.
  • If the blood flows from the wounds of the others, we are going to inflict pain on others.
  • Blood loss in a dream may indicate loss of love, a transfusionrefreshing feelings.
  • If the dream is about drinking or replacement of blood, it means not a  sexual but a spiritual union.
  • The dreamer loses blood, it can be regarded as a symbol of a loss of love or a spiritual sacrifice.
  •  The dreamer receives a blood transfusion, this indicates that there is a psychological enrichment.

Psychological Meanings:

Emotional abuse – the dreamer himself committed or suffered from it – so in the dream it can be represented as a bleeding wound.

Symbol of vitality, full blooded passion and tireless love.

Spiritual Meanings:

Symbol of the life and soul. Blood means life force and consciousness. In the body circulating blood can symbolize a rejuvenated force.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness If Coagulated blood – The disease is near you, so you have to pay attention you your health and try to relax;
  • Be careful If See blood – This dream shows that you are afraid of the person which is close to you, your conscious says that this person may cause bitter disappointments and you also have to be caution in all situations;
  • Wellness If Collecting it in a bowl -It is a good sign for the health and vigor;
  • Good sign If Drinking or See drops of blood on its own land – This announces a good omen in all the areas of your life;
  • Riches If Spitting – Spit blood means riches and good earns for the poor;
  • Illness If Bleeding yourselves -Such a dream is a very bad sign, especially if the blood can not be satisfied, it announces a long difficult illness;
  • Unpleasantness If Flowing from a wound – This is an announcement of sorrows and afflictions; also unhappy love affair or dispute with a valued friend;
  • Worries If Others bleeding – This dream has different meanings: death by accident; fear of loved one; also malicious rumors will be spread about you;
  • Warning If Blood on your hands – The disaster is near you if you do not pay attention to your personal affairs, also you should not meddle in the affairs of others;
  • Sign If blood-soaked clothes – This dream is a warning which refer to the enemies that want to destroy your career, you should be wary of new friendships.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Welfare If Seeing blood and ulcers -This dream means money and possessions.
  • Money If Bleeding – Someone is dreaming that he bleeds from an injury or wound and the blood is redness and it is on your body, it will bring as much money as blood is shed.
  • Sin If Eating or drinking – Drink or eat blood in the dream you will choose a sinful way or make such as decisions; because blood is against God’s;
  • Happiness If Bleeding – You may rejoice, everything what have you desired for so long, will come true.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • In general, blood is the source of life force and people.
  • Leadership If Flowing from nose – Does it seems that the blood flows from the nose in the dream, you have to know that you have to be a leader or supervisor with money issues;
  • Misery If Flowing from wound – In the dream to see that the blood flows from a flesh wound, the dreamer will become very poor and do not live long.
  • Good life If Sick n bed and bleeding – This dream announces you that you will get rid of the pests and you are going to live without distress and troubles, will not live in misery, suffering, loss or sorrow;
  • Dishonesty If Falling –  When you dream that you see falling blood from ulcerated part of the body, you are using unfair means to get a good deal, but you will have to transfer and pay back the money;
  • Shame If Urinate with blood – In the dream you urinate with blood this means that you will have shame about your children because of their actions, words or decisions;
  • Injury If Seeing liquid – When you dream that you see blood as a liquid you will be  wounded;
  • Happiness If Seeing beautiful red – This a dream about coming fortune and happiness;
  • Illness If Coagulated blood – In the dream you see coagulated blood, this dream announces that you will get a disease;
  • Warning If Running – You are dreaming that you see running blood especially on the ground,  this mean that evil is working on this and you have to be very careful about you health, family because the evil wants to involve your soul into bad things;on the ground running;
  • Luck If Collecting or drinking – When you dream that you collect or even drink the blood, this announces you will have good prospects and good hopes;
  • Serious disease If Foul and Heavy dark – In the dream you see foul and heavy dark blood, this dream may be a warning about your health problems, if you will not take care of your body;
  • Good character If Dropping your own – In the dream your own blood is dropping and you lose your power, says that you have a good and friendly character;
  • War If A lot of blood – This dreams shows that you will have a war with your enemies;
  • Happiness If Spouting from ground – In the dream you see spouting blood from the ground announces you good times;
  • Sullenness If Shed blood;
  • Health If Spitting beautiful red blood;
  • Worries If Spitting dark and foul-smelling – When you spit dark and foul-smelling blood in the dream , it is like a bad sign about big troubles;
  • Losses If Swimming in it – You are dreaming that you are swimming in the blood, this s a warning that your wealth is near the loss;
  • Good business If Seeing an animal blood – In the dream you see an animal blood, the dream shows that your business is going well;
  • Disease If look at the others – When you look at the others blood, this points to illness in the family.

* Please, see meaning of scar, wound, body, doctor, surgery.

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  1. Today dawn I have seen an unusual dream where I was sucking my blood from my wounds. I didn’t memories what happened before but as far as I remembered I can assume I wasn’t injured. But eating my blood. It was tasty. Even I was in joy mood. After woke up I was very much worried bcz it was unexpected. Though I got different meanings from different sites. But still I’m not answered by anyone. Would you please tell what means?

  2. Jesus Christ Appeared in front of me and was killed in front of me and i drank the blood that was runninng down the spears in which he waas impaled with.

  3. Pliz help me Understand these, a day after I brake up with my boyfriend over false accusations, I dreamt I was in my house together with my Sister I was in the bed wearing a9t dress,then i Started touching my menstrual blood all over sudden my fist was full of blood, I removed the hand looking it carefully the blood turnishes to pink in colour, pliz help

  4. Yesterday, I had a dream about my maternal grandfather who expired in June, 2011. In the dream I saw his forehead was bleeding a lot and then I could see the wounds and wiped his head and cleaned it. What could this possibly mean?

  5. I had this dream around 2-3 a.m. I am a muslim and I really want to know the meaning of my dream. I searched so many times but couldn’t find the correct one. “I had a dream that a lot of people had beaten a man but I didn’t see them beating him. I saw that after beating him they brought him to my house and kept him under my bed in my room. He was covered with a blanket so I couldn’t see his face. but I saw his foot which was bleeding. I clearly saw his blood flowing from his wounds on the foot. But the blood was in small amount. His foot was quite big than usual. I asked my parents (in the dream) why did they bring that man into our house because we didn’t know him. my parents said that he was a wrong man and they are trying to help the people who beat him. Then one of the man from the crowd who had beaten the man said that he should be alive till tommorow as they have to take him to the court. I asked my parents till when is he gonna be in our house my parents said that till hajj and it was ramadan time in my dream. When we were going to sleep (in the dream) I heard him wailing from pain.” This dream is so confusing. I couldn’t undrestand the meaning of it. My 12th class final results are gonna come out please tell me before that. I am scared to death. because I think its related to my dream. if anyone can help me then plzzzzz. Reply me at my email: [email protected]
    or Instagram: @_sketch0art_
    or Facebook: Sally malik
    Please. I don’t want any fake meaning if ur sure then only message.
    Please. As soon as possible

  6. I had a dream that I had something in my mouth behind my teeth almost moulded there and when I pulled it out it was a blood clot and then I had blood pooling in my mouth
    Can someone please tell me if there is a meaning behind this???

  7. I was literally scared and still thinking about it. To make a story short — I had a dream that my eyes were suddenly bleeding then I vomited a lot of blood clots. It was on my hand. Then someone will take me to a hospital.

    • I want someone who can interpret my dream I dream of my self urinating a blood with a big cloths and the other one coming out of my mouth can you please help.

  8. Hi,

    I saw that I was traveling in a auto which looked a wrong turn and on the way there was a girl child on the road fallen. I stopped the driver and ran towards the girl and saw that she had meat with a accident and there was blood on road and also there was a boy . They were in school dress. I started calling the driver to bring his auto taxi for help. That’s where I got up. What does this means? Can anyone help me understand this I don’t know the girl and the boy who were on the road

  9. I had a dream of a ladie giving me blood from her finger idk what this means in the dream I could taste the .. Flavor I did not knot that blood had one if any one could help me with info on this please tell me

  10. I dreamt I was coughing blood in the bathroom sink, and it was brown and it wasn’t very much like liquid. I coughed a lot at first, then the amount lessened. While I was coughing my sisters and mother were watching quietly and somehow indifferently. My mother cleaned the blood that was splattered on the sink. What does that mean?

  11. I saw a dream in which me and family is in someone’s home and unfortunately we saw one boy was stabbing his sister s face we all got worried and tried to leave that home early as possible but while leaving we saw one man was vomiting blood but he was smiling and happy I got worried that see this guy he is happy in pain then we left I saw bloods spots on many place which was making me tense we climb up the valley to get far from that place or location and I saw my mom was also worried in dream …
    Please help me out to know the meaning

  12. Hi can any one tell what my dream might mean dreamt of a cup of blood and the blood ran through the spout and a drop fell off my father who is deceased was there saying good bye vivid dream but what does it mean any one help me understand thanks Julie

  13. I had a dream about a tree being carved into my aunts door .when I looked at it, the drawing of the tree started bleeding .. Any idea what that means ?

  14. I dreamt i was with an old friend we went to the gas station he got out of his car a white older man got in on drivers side so i got out. I told him someone had stolen his car nd he began chasing after the car on foot. He ended up in another car but got into an accident only half way up the block. Wen he got out the car he fell and i believe broke his neck. He then statred bleed from his mouth and asked for a cup of cold water. I told him to stay still and that everything will be alright. I remember shouting at people to call an ambulance. I felt like he was dying but woke up right after. What does this mean ???

  15. last night I had a dream that I was holding this gravity thingy and sliding don this purple and orange tube.. then suddenly the slide ended and I was in this “lounge” with girls in my school and these BIG windows in the room which viewed a dry red desert, I think I had a fight or argument with one of the girls that bully me at school (real life) but I crashed through the window and was sitting on the ground and looked up to see every one in both sides of the lunge started looking at me. and then I saw myslef with the HUGE nose bleed and my whife shirt covered in it, then I start screeming because Im pulling a long pice of glass out of my shoulder and every one is just looking at me. now in real life all these ppl are the popular people, and im that weird red head girl that people get the wrong idea about… every time I think of this dream I feel so scared and weird PLEASE HELP ME !!!

  16. When I woke up this morning I had a pain in my right breast that wouldn’t go away. My sister also texted me to not go out today because my brother in law had a dream I was covered in blood. Is this coincidental or do both mean something else?

  17. I dreamt I was I young boy and my mother in law slit my throat and filled a cup with my blood for good we waited for a lottery number to be called. Then I was my self and we were drinking it for luck

  18. Hi,

    I dreamt that I was drinking blood. and not just that but I am addicted to it, like a drug abuse and I am buying drug from a friend who deals in it by stealing it from people (not killing them). What could this mean?

  19. I had a dream I saw my husband was choked up he said my heart and then he vomit blood then it look like he passed out I tried to help him but his mom and she just pat his back. I called 911 for help.

  20. I dreamed of bleeding from nose a lot.. loosing teeth…and puking a lot of dark sticky red blood from mouth that almost all my whole body is covered with blood..and the blood actually formed a small pool because of it volume. Can you please help on the meaning of this? 🙁

  21. I don’t normally post to these kinds of sites… but I had a really weird dream and want to know what it means. I was in a shop in an alley type area, nice not creepy, working for an elderly couple. A fellow comes in and I find out he’s a vampire, whether real or acting I don’t know… looked like normal size but sharp teeth/fangs where vamps have them. He wanted to bite me and I refused and said he couldn’t without my permission, I could tell he had some sexual tension. He looked at me and spit onto my left temple and in my hair on that side, then turned to go out the door. I put my hand up to my temple in shock and pulled it back to look and there was spit and a few clots of coagulated blood. I looked up and he had turned his head back with a crooked smile at me then left. Any ideas? It’s driving me nuts! Thank you.

  22. My dream was in black and white, like in an old movie, i could see myself chopping wood and there was others all around, i was aware of my feelings as i cut the wood, very like hum dee dum, yet aware that i was dreaming and seeing this i was aware of feeling of watching the dream as well, like well this is very old fashioned like, i heard a shot in the distance and i hit the wood, next thing there is vivid red blood splattered on my dress, as the person in the dream it was a slow motion looking to see where it came from if i had cut into something but nothing was there then i heard commotion from a shot short distance and i could see someone had shot a guy that is a person i know in real life, and there was blood flowing everywhere, as the person in the dream i thought oh no poor so and so why, what did he do, as the person watching the dream i was like how did i get blood on me and when i saw who it was i thought whys he in my dream and the one getting killed and wow look how real the blood looks, then i looked back at me in the dream and felt an inner peace which made me think weird why am i feeling peaceful, then the feeling of me as the person in the dream felt like oh that sucks, like nonchalantly, and continued to chop wood having a feeling of wow that hurt but life goes on, i woke up after that and it has left me feeling like it was so real, yet i know it wasnt…curious as to getting more interpretation for sure, please?!

  23. hello, mine is very simple, I had a dream I was standing in water and as I look down my blood is flowing through out the water and spreading out. And the water is very clear

  24. I had a dream last night that four extra front left teeth grew, all very misshapen, I tugged on one and it came out, the blood that came was made of “worms”, (small red and synchronous). I went to the hospital to get checked out and was told all of my blood had turned to worms and my GGI blood test was well off. My usual team of consultants looked after me.. Any ideas?!

    • The four teeth represent 4 areas of your life that needs to be attended to, you pulling them out means and discovering worms indicate illness and an attack by the enemy on your entire life its a warning.

  25. i had a dream last night

    I worked as a teacher in my dream. i told one student to study well and not to ignore his education .classes are over.

    Aftr some days , that boy came with his mother. His mother tried to kill me with blame and i got a cut on my tummy and it started bleeding . I was asking her wat i did and throwed that blade outside and she took one more blade to hurt me.

    Icried a lot and rushed near to my mother . My mom mother is not ready to help me and she is laughing and completely ignoring.

    I waz totally broke. What my dreams tel about it

  26. Please help me interpret this dream. I was trying to dispose of a used tampon and was wrapping it it toilet paper. No matter how much It was wrapped it in toilet paper, the blood would soak through, bright red.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  27. I dreamed that me, my sister, and a friend were being chased by 2 monsters that were devouring “selected” people, spilled blood everywhere, on white walls, floor The blood was dark red of those who they chose to devour. It kept following us, but i had a huge feeling that the only reason it was following us, was because of me. It felt as if they were chasing us because they wanted me. The creatures had long arms, there were moving fast with their long arms and legs, they looked like deformed human beings. The monsters themselves were dark red, and their face was shaped like a human skull with sharp teeth. Their eyes were dark, very dark, no eyeballs… just the darkest dark that i have never seen in my life, i remember a horrible stench of death coming from them as well. No matter where i went, they kept catching up to me. I’ve been doing a lot of research trying to figure out what this all means, but i can’t find an answer anywhere.

    I hope that you can shine some light on what it could mean.

    Thanks for your time.

  28. Hi.
    I dreamt about my dead grandfather who left us 15years ago,but i still love him. In my dream i take him to my primary school which had changed, i left someone in class (i dont remember who but it was another relative), then while walking away, my grandfather started bleeding near the groin area.i mean i saw blood stain getting gradually larger on his pants. First he refused to let me call for help, but i tried calling, i asked him however if i call an ambulance, he refused, he said call someone (i cant remember who, but it was another re:ative). It began raining, he looked more and more tired and weak, but he kept cheering me up saying its ok he can manage walking. Then suddenly i found myself in my house with the telephone in my hand, people coming through the front door and i heard someone say that they met a cousin at the hospital getting his blood cleaned or having a transfusion. I did not see this i just heard, and i could not see my grandfather neither but i was still worried. Then i woke up. Worried.
    What can that possibly mean?

  29. Hello everyone,
    I dreamt that I saw a murder me and myn”friends” were being chased by a person this person wants to kill us but we managed to somehow get away from him we ran to my house and when we got there we went upstairs me and my friend heard some sort of noise but she thought it was him so she went down there when she went down there i herd like someone was getting stabbed I saw blood gushing everywhere but indie not see who was getting killed time passed by but I went to sleep the people who were got murdered got in my dream it was her and my beat friends in total we were four but only two of us were upstairs but an ways so they came in my dream they looked like someone killed them they told me to be careful from alison the girl who murdered them because she killed them they told me she is the anynomous person who she some how built up an aimage in my mind of so i woke up in my dream and i alison was like good morning and i tried acting naturally but i knew she had killed them i knew i was next so i went with it and acted natural I asked about the our other two best friends who are dead in asked and she said let’s find them so we went to our niaghbors house searched and I noticed she had very strong muscles so ithough it might be because she is crazy she has an opessesion with killing people so she built muscle while carrying them and burying them after we searched and searched finally she goes to my backyard and bulls out this rock and blood starts to gush out of the ground and 4 hands automatically rise up cuz they were tucked in tightly I look and its them my other two best friends I look at Alison she throws this scene where cries and starting to remember the old times but I know she was faking it I knew I was next so I had to act cool so I started to cry but fakly I NWA’s mainly thinking about my life threaning situation I knew I was saving my sadness and fear whenninhave the real funeral anyways days pass by we go back to the house and I’m trying to act natural and I sundently wake up i have no idea the dream was so long i literaly summerized it but I need someone to intrep this!!!

  30. I had a dream that my boyfriends ex was having a bbyshower at his house and his sister went missing so her best friend came to my house looking for her. Her best friend and i got into a physical fight and i thought my nose was bleeding so i went to the bathroom n noticed my nose wasnt bleeding i opend my mouth and there was 2 huge bright red blood clots in my mouth i took a tissue and removed both of them then when i come out of the bathroom the girls face is all scratched up and she was bleeding from the scratch marks i caused on her. What does this mean? should i be concerned?

  31. A relative and I were playing with swords (not sharp. For practice). I got a scrape that started bleeding clotted blood. I went to a bathroom to look at it alone and the wound had grown. It didn’t hurt but the dark clotted blood kept coming out. I was able to pull it out with my other arm. I flung it in the sink but more came. Looking closer at it the blood was a mixture of bright and dark but all coagulated enough that I could grab it and fling it into the sink. Now it gets super weird. Underneath is pure white rice. In my arm there were layers of cooked white rice in abundance. It tasted good. The blood had not strained it or fouled it

  32. I dreamt that I was sleeping on my bed and felt a weird pain on my wrist and it was gushing out blood and there was this guy he was drinking it. I tried to pull him off but he wouldn’t budge. It freaked me out cause after I woke up I had the lingering feeling of scalp and hair.

  33. I had a dream something bad happened bad atmosphere in it then running from someone/one’s stuggle got a needle stuck in me with a tube like donateing blood but a lot of thick blood going threw the tube then everything went faint

  34. I had a dream last night that my mom was throwing blood at me. I couldn’t move but I could only keep my hands over my face as I cried and asked her to stop. But she continued. What does this mean?

  35. My husband keeps having the same dream . He dreams he sees himself in a casket covered in blood and there is a ton of people surrounding him but the only person‘s face that he can see is his mother‘s face.

    please if someone understands what this means please tell me

  36. Well, hello! I need help about this dream… I had a dream that I had my eyes closed shut with blood streaming from my own eyes and I fainted and my family surrounded me and was holding my arms and back to support me from falling it was like a bright red color of blood. I don’t understand what I am seeing. Please, please tell me what it means?

  37. I dreamt this morning between 6h30 and 07h30am, on my birthday, on my birthday the following:
    I had purchased a brand new car which someone I know(but are not friends with) was driving whilst I was a passanger. A small dog started to chase the vehicle but only targeted myself. It bumped against my passenger door, damaging the door and window until it could get to me. I grabbed it by its neck, threw it hard next to the road and quickly rolled up my window. However it kept jumping at me even whilst the car was driven at a high speed. Eventually I grabbed it in the face and rolled its face towards and in between it’s hindlegs. Then it developed fangs and started to suck blood out of my hand. When I looked again its skin became clear and I was able to see through its skin inside it’s body. As it was sucking my blood I saw a small vampire like creature developing inside the dog (which by now also changed it’s form. I felt very weak as it was draining me.

    I woke up and felt the pain in my right hand and was dizzy. I laid in bed until I felt normal again. Even the room in which I was sleeping was spinning.

    It puzzles me that this happened on my 32nd birthday. Can anyone please advise?

  38. i dream i saw in my bathroom ceiling blood, but the blood was like into some grey thick looking grey cloud, but it wasnt dripping on the bathroom floor, i then saw a pool of blood in my bedroom. i then told a lady in my dream about blood in my room. in real life i live on the ground floor or first floor on the apartment complex ,, back to the dream. the lady and i then went upstairs towards the second floor, i was behind her, she then came running back towards me she told me that there was blood outside the door of one of our neighbor’s door. we then rush back down stairs and i told her in my dreams that we need to call the police. am scare about this dream please reply,, am not sure if this dream is about me or my neighbour. thanks

  39. I dreamed that the gums in my mouth were swollen and there were two bloodworms inside my cheeks. The worm pushed itself inside my cheek making a cut which bleeded. Can someone please help me out what it means(islamic meaning) ? i was crying in the dream too.

  40. I was in an apartment that wasn’t mine the door opened to the north and the couch was just inside the door facing north it was very small. This Mexican man pistol whipped this other guy while his two little girls were there crying and watching blood was all over. They were just outside the door of the apartment there was a white truck pulled up to the door they were going around. They fell into the floor of the apartment and that’s where he shot him then he waved the gun around him. I looked into his eyes then he killed the two little girls. Then a Japanese man who got in the way. He took his body out of the apartment after he killed him. The blood was every where it was bright red. My ears were ringing from the gun shots. I woke up after this.

  41. i’m 34 years old and i’m 6mnth pregnant i had a dream (Izangoma)witch docters taking me a bath with blood water inside of that water the is a knife & i was minstruating and that man was bathing me he was fosing me to bow and i can’t b’cause the bath was to small. I cant explain more cs english problem

  42. My partner had a dream that I was feeding him my blood through a small wound on my finger, when he woke up he could taste blood also, does anyone know what this means?

  43. hi please help me i have a disturbing dream. i dream that my in laws family are sitting in a house and then there is someone in the top of the house and she hit her head so hard and then her blood drip in my sister in laws body. i saw my sister in law covered in blood from the the girls body. and then my sister in law walking full if blood. pls help me im so afraid of what it means thank you so much..

  44. I dreamt my pet rabbit followed me around at work and later that day, my rabbit was covered in blood. A stranger waved at me showing me his severed hand to tell me it was his blood and not my rabbit’s. My rabbit was unharmed but was covered in blood though… I was carrying my rabbit but no blood landed on me.

  45. I dream that I saw a baby who is a child of someone else being murdered and there was a lot of blood at the scene. I told my children to stay away from the blood and take their toys away from it. There was one toy that fell on the blood and I immediately wash it..

  46. I had a dream that I was running away from someone with my friends, and they caught us and threw all of us (3 including me) into like a container, and the person who threw us in there, started to fight and hurt me. I remember the person who was hitting me was a man and he drew blood from my face and he bit my eyebrow off :P. The last things I remember are, that my entire face was covered in blood but I wasn’t crying or screaming.

    Help me to understand please.

  47. I was hugging an old friend, I couldn’t see.his face but I knew it was a very old friend. He picked me up so high, my thought was wow he is tall. Tuen he sat down on a step and spit. He looked at me I said is that blood he.said yes I was help but I woke up.

  48. I dream repeatedly maybe 15 different dreams with blood and chopped up body parts being the reoccurring theme sometimes their under water sometimes under frozen water sometimes in piles in the forest this time the spaceship I was maneuvering through blood everywhere something throwing blood at me closing and opening doors lakes of blood throughout the rooms large arms and hands chopped off at the shoulder reaching for me they are oversized I kinda like the blood and the underlying themes they feel fun in a way not scary witch is odd I feel odd I’m feeling attracted to being per sued by these themes what does someone else think of this.

  49. Well Hello

    Just had a dream yesterday , someone in my dream was offering me Red Colored drinks in a small glass , i was drinking them to get high as if drinking alcoholic drinks. I kept on drinking couple of shots and then i realized it had a foul smell , i came to know what I’ve been drinking was dog’s blood.

    Curious to know what does this dream means.


    S M

  50. I just had a dream about my husband having his right arm be cut open by my brother with a knife but he did not feel pain. His right vein was taken out and cut and he started bleeding a lot, I wanted top take him to the hospital but there were obstacles. What does this mean? ??

  51. 1. Dreamt that I and my husband went to the hospital to donate blood for our unborn baby but instead of my husband’s blood to be collected it was mine that was choosing and after collecting the blood in a tube it was beautiful transparent red.
    2. Dreamt that my blood was completely drained out and was replaced with a new blood.

    Pls could you tell me the meaning of this two dreams?

  52. I dreamed I gave a blood sample and I looked into the tube and the blood had separated and it had 8 dark red large platelets floating in a light pink serum. It kind of looked like a lava lamp, it was beautiful though. This blood sample was very important in the dream. Can you help me figure it out?

    • Hi Candi,

      Your dream means: the blood [means life] sample that had separated and had 8 red large platelets means judgement has come upon your life in a form of a plague [ illness] , and that it had been floating in a light pink serum means that you have been exposed to this plague. This is why in the dream that the blood sample is reason very important. God is trying to get your attention. Your dream is a “Warning”!

      I pray that I have helped you!

      Tonnietta Mauricico ( Seer, Prophetess and Apostle of Jesus Christ )

    • Hi, The Blood represents “Life” and that is is coming out of a girls mouth means “Illness”. And the Blood that covered the paper towls is saying that the “Illness is Terminal”.

    • Hi, This dream means that the Blood” you vomited indicatesthat there is Evil amoung you and within you . You are involved in something that is “Evil”. And the back pain is that you have “Bad Health”, even if you don’t notice it right now someting will come about in the future. Your Mother and Father is your support and they truly care about you so donot take there advice lightly.

  53. Hello everyone,
    a friend of mine had a dream about my Brother. she said that in her dream, my brother was sick and wanted someone to donate blood. so my friend donated blood to him.
    Please what does this mean? i am so worry about my brother because he is far from my country. Please someone tell me the meaning of it.

    Thanks for helping