Board dream meanings

General Meanings:

Board often requires for the reorganization of life on a secure basis, especially when plank with nail on the ground. When you cut boards in the dream, this indicates a tedious work with little benefit.

  • A wooden board in a dream may indicate that you need to repair something in your life or that the dreamer may feel safer if he takes action for his livelihood.
  • In the dream the board is used to build something, this shows that the dreamer has enough material for a planned project.
  • In the dream the board is used to build a box, the dreamer has to be careful because he may get into a trap.
  • To build hut with board, the dreamer wants to become more cleaner and to shine brighter.
  • To cut boards with saws, this denotes that the dreamer wants to change some things in his life.
  • To balance on a board in the dream, this refers to the fact that the dreamer will have an emotional risk.
  • Floor made of boards, this dream symbolizes safety and stability.
  • Boards used for a decorative wall surface, the dreamer has hidden jewelry (skills or talent) in his inner space.

Psychological Meanings:

More clarity The smoother and the flatter board is in your dream, then the clearer and more straightforward is the situation which is discussed in the real life. The symbolism lies in the function of the board: What was it used for?

Spiritual Meanings:

The dreamer has the necessary material for his life processes and conscious experience. Perhaps the dreamer has an ability to consider what is the purpose of his existence.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • No anxiety if see a board – The board in a dream indicates a change or a move of a restless state of mind;
  • Troubles if cut a board – In the dream you cut boards this dream signifies that you will have some worries and unpleasant situation;
  • Wealth if make boards – In the dream you are making board from the wood, then this dream announces the enlargement of the business or the domestic prosperity;
  • No damage if be on the water with a board – This dream has a positive meaning which denotes that you will go through danger safely and without damage;
  • Stress if run on a rotten boards – The young woman runs on a rotten boards over water, this means that you will have stress the indifference of a loved one;.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happy time if see boards – In the dream you see boards, then this dream marks new and happy family events;
  • Illness if use saw -In the dream you use saw then this dream indicates death or serious disease;
  • Happy events if cut boards – When you cut board in the dream, then there is a possibility of wedding or christening.

* Please, see meaning of nailing, house, wooden, hut, saw.

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