Bomb dream meanings


Explosive energy.


What is on the verge of explosion?

General Meanings:

Bombs in a dream usually points to an explosive situation with which the dreamer has to deal.

  • Exploding force – An exploding bomb points to the need to act effectively – while the disarming of a bomb warns the dreamer to be careful because will greatly exacerbate an already difficult situation.
  • Fear – In dreams, bomb in common, comes with negative aspects often with anxiety in disasters and war. Then this can embody a general life fear and existential fear. It is frequently stands for dangers which threaten on your own fears and destructive feelings if you cannot control them any longer.

Other interpretations arising under the following circumstances in the dream:

  • Worries – A single bomb that we see in the dream could be a message that hits like a bomb and/or announced unexpected problems and dangers.
  • Avoid hostility – Throwing a bomb shows that you must reckon with the hostility with others.
  • Rescuing from anger – A bomb attack on another person which you see, promises that you yourself happy will escape from a danger.

Psychological Meanings:

Inability of changes/ Lack of decisiveness – The dreamer must adjust himself to the fact that his feelings will overpower him. This vision emerges mostly from recollection of dreams, which reflect shock experiences. Also at the same moment the bomb symbolizes your own inability to change something existing in not particularly favorable conditions.

Move on your previous lifestyle – Dreams of bombs have some existence threatening – they point out that it is time to calm the nerves and to move your previous lifestyle.

Danger – Bombs or similar projectiles are always danger symbols in the dream. It can be an individual war experiences or shock experiences.

Hidden energy – The bomb generally wants to point to a certain neurotic complex, in other words, it is a clenched psychological energy which is hidden in the subconscious.

Spiritual Meanings:

An exploding bomb is usually an unexpected event. If you dream of it, this may indicate a fear of dying suddenly.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  •  Anger and Strife If see – Dangers and destruction dream; This dream prophesies rage and quarrel which will end in court;
  • Unfavorable event If somebody has a bomb – In the dream you see that someone has a bomb, means that you will have unexpected and adverse event, which will harm your plans;
  • Animosity If throw yourself to someone – You are throwing a bomb to someone, this dream warns you that you will feel hostility from others;
  • Warning If explode – In the dream you see explosion which cause destruction, this is a warning of an accident. You have to be very attentive if you want to avoid disaster;
  • Evade from danger If try to explode – In the dream you see a person who attempts to blow up a bomb means that you may not noticed that you have escaped happily from a danger or you will avoid it.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Force If see – When you are dreaming that you see a bomb, means that you will find hidden energy in yourself, which will help you to reach the goals.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Avoidance of misfortunes If see a bomb – In the dream you see a bomb, points that you will suddenly break a misfortune;
  • Changes If exploded – This dream announces you an unexpected event, which will change your life, thoughts.

* Please, see meaning of atomic bomb, explosion, war, weapons.

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  1. I Just Had A Dream I Was At Chipotle With My Best And And Two Of My Friends And A Few Mintutes After I Ordered I Went To Go Where My Friends Were Sitting When Suddenly This Guy Started Throwing Bombs Towards The Chipotle Doors And Me And My Friends Stood To The Left Side Wall Then When The Bomber Was Trying To Get A Bomb From His Backpack People Ran To The Door My Two Friends Ran To The Door First But Stood In Front Of The Door And Didnt Leave Out Of Them So Then Me And My Best Friend Held Hands And Ran To The Door Next And I Ran Out But Was Still Holding My Best Friends Hand And He Had One Foot Still Inside The Door And One Foot Out And He Wasnt Coming Out So I Pulled His Arm And Pulled Him Out So Then Me ,My Best Friend And A Random Girl Were Running Towards My Best Friends Truck And While We Were Running The Bomber Was Then In The Parking And Was Throwing Bombs Outside And Then At Me And Then I Looked Down At My Right Hand And Had A Bomb In My Hand That Looked Like A Ball And I Freaked It Out And Shook It Off My Hand And Once It Did I Ran To My Best Friends Truck And As I Ran I Took My Hair Tie Off My Ponytail I Had And Threw It On The Ground And Got In The Truck And Started Telling My Best Friend To Drive And Then Thats When I Woke So Scared Wanting To Cry Of How Scared I Was

  2. In my dream, my partner and I had just pulled into our driveway. It was around the end of the day and we were getting ready to go inside to relax. As we get out of the car we see that this gas station-like structure is floating on balloons at the end of our driveway. We stare at this for a second and all of a sudden this small bomb appears right next to it getting ready to explode. My partner and I duck down fearing the worst as it explodes, covering the floating structure in a fire, which surprisingly went out quickly. I turn to the right noticing right away who planted it. There was this guy hiding behind a parked car sending them over to it. I rushed towards this guy trying to knock the small tennis ball-sized bombs out of the way. One of them happened to get wrapped around my hand by a thread while I was trying to smack it away. I yelped and tried furiously to get it off of my hand. It exploded in my face and woke me up, I could feel the raging heat on my face and my breath was fast and deep.
    Any idea what this might mean?

  3. I’ve been wid ma frndz waiting fo bus in stop where all the ppl start moving out. wen I ask thy say there’s a bomb threat there…so me n my frndz vacate de place and go to a hotel.. after eating, v all board different buses to our homes.. but fo some reasons I come out f ma bus nd start walking…I’m scared and it rains heavily 🙁 🙁 dunno why but plzzz help me understand wad kind f a dream it is..

  4. Last night I dreamed of some very strange events. I was in a hotel with my family and it started flooding. So we all left and I walked outside (which somehow turned into something similar to my backyard now). There were a ton of tiny yellow parachutes falling. I could see red and white targets hanging from the parachute. The explosives looked like thick envelopes and when they would fall I could sling them away by the parachute. They didn’t explode immediately after either. I have no idea what this could mean, maybe there is some underlying message about my anxiety to become pregnant after a miscarriage. Can anyone relate?

  5. I had a dream last night of an atomic explosion not near where I live but far. I could still see the explosion and so could everybody in my dream. In my dream I was not scared, but I was trying to keep everyone safe telling them to stay inside and away from the radiation. I’m still trying to figure out what this means.

  6. I am very overwhelmed and scared I just had this dream ( in 1st person) where I try to kiss my boyfriend with closed eyes and a hear a bunch of people saying ” the bomb, the bomb, deactivate the bomb” and when I opened my eyes ( in the dream) I saw from blurry to clear that there was a bomb in front of me. I don’t know who set it but in my dream I felt like it was my bf. I woke up instantly and very scared and I almost started crying searching for a meaning.

  7. I had a dream last night that I was standing at a safe distance watching
    A bomb go off at the top story of a tall building with people in it. I knew it was going to happen before it happend but not soon enough to warn people or help them. It was at night and all the sudden body parts were flying every where. I started picking some of them up in disbelief and shock. What the hell does this mean?

  8. Lastnight I dreamt that the entire year groups from year7 to 11 were stood outside our secondary school at round about evening time-although ive forgotten why. We were all in uniform talking amongst eachother, then suddenly a drone siren went off ringing loud and clear. We all stopped and looked off in the direction it came from, and the atmosphere went all chilly and threatening. I stood there frozen and petrified, i didnt believe what i thought was happening really was-until it did. Suddenly a bomb fell,and we all ran screaming,the majority off us into the school building. The school was hijacked by some clan, with sensors stuck onto walls.whenever you walked past one it would turn from green to flashing red and you had about 5seconds until it would blow up an area. In the end my one of my friends got abducted by one of these clan people,i tried to save her but i couldnt. It turns out i actually fell out with her today. At first i thought this dream was random,unexpected,unrelatable, but i remember i was watching a documentary on isis earlier…

  9. i had a dream that i was in my basement doing something when huge bombs start dropping from the sky. I go to my chimney and grab a rifle and head towards my back door. when i get to my back wall ia guy in a light grey uniform is walking towards the basement door. i wake up just as the guy in uniform starts to enter my house and just before a massive bomb explodes in my backyard. I’ve had this dream 5 or 6 times now.

  10. I had a dream that I was in a crowded street where I come across a bunch of political officials and my mother as I’m walking. I run into two familiar people from my past who do some sort of test saying that there is a bomb in the crowd. I run back looking for my mother but as I’m searching I run into a building where the bomb explodes I don’t see it explode. I just see people scrambling to get in and windows shattering around me as the debris begins to enter the building I woke up… Please let me know what is going on I am very worried if this has anything to do with my mom please let me know

    • This is almost similar to my dream! In my dream, I am in a hotel with my dad and a friend. We’re playing at a hotel when suddenly many people says that ‘there’s a bomb!’ In the panic, my dad grabbed my arm and take us out of the hotel, but my friend is missing! I looked back to search for her, but she’s nowhere to be found. After running away from the hotel, there’s a sound of explosion and a bunch of people is running away, but I don’t think that I see any explosion at all, and oddly I feel so glad, because I escaped a bomb….

  11. My dream had two of my high school classes and I in the backyard. I walked a little ways, a plane drove by and dropped a white bomb with a red tip and it nearly landed a direct hit on me. I exclaimed “It’s a bomb!” And dove out of the way in time.

  12. so my cousin told me this story where she had a dream about bombs and there was this book and the more she opened it and her sister it would show more and more of Hawaii until finally they ended up in Hawaii where there was like this war going on and a whole bunch of bombs went off and they were hiding under this like force field and she was telling her sister this dream the next morning and her sister also told her that she had a dream of bombs and then her sister had a meeting with her parole officer and they looked on the news later and her parole officers building was bombed so what does this mean it was just a small bomb

  13. I had a dream I was talking with my friends in a hut when suddenly 2 white bombs with red stripes and pointy top started ascending from the ground I thought in my dream that it was a rocket but it did not fly high instead it made a u turn and started falling at the same place it flew through. When it landed seconds pass before it explodes it was huge! Though I lived and got flooded in the river in my dream.

  14. I dreamt I built a pipe bomb, delivered to a particular person (not sure who) then ran away before the bomb exploded. But the police were more interested in investigating the ‘victims’ missing wife than who blew him up.

  15. I had a dream that someone had planted bombs inside my house and hid them in the dirt in my borders of my garden. It caused my house to look like a mess. I was scared about the people who had done it and whether they were going to come back. I decided in my dream not to live there any more. In reality I love my house and have only lived here for eighteen months. I went out the weekend and had a go at some girl whilst drunk however I feel it was that girl in my dream who had planted the bombs. Also she had a master key to my house and an accomplice with her. Really mad dream…..any ideas anyone

  16. In my dream, I was having a house party with my husband, and we were sitting outside on our stoop. All of a sudden someone notices these uniformed “Officers/Soldiers”, marching directly towards us. Once they got within about 200 yards of us they started shooting non stop bullets. We all scrambled into the house. At the beginning of the dream the house was large, two stories with many rooms. When we got back into the house it became a single room, large, open, and easy to access. The soldiers threw a large can into the room, it had a red blinking light. Once I noticed it was a bomb I threw my body over it and it exploded. The dream didn’t end there, and I saw pieces of my and my husband’s body all over the room. It was crazy, and I must have become a ghost or some other being because I was able to continue walking around and seeing the aftermath.

  17. Hi
    Please help interpret my dream..

    I dreamed that i was in my hometown (the place were i grew when i was 7~16 yrs old)
    I dont know where the bomb came from but i noticed i was already holding it.
    I tried to throw the bomb away for fear that it might explode.
    I used all my force to throw the bomb but when it reaches its highest projectile, it returns back to me…
    but i noticed the bomb didnt explode.
    what does it mean???
    does this have any connection with my past?

  18. I dreamt I was being held hostage and forced to drink poison with a group of others, when I gathered then and over powered the bad guy we escaped but then once away I found 2 bombs at separate times times woven in my clothes and as I struggled to cut them free with my keys pictures were being taken and once freed from combs the pictures appeared with shear terror on my face….help because I don’t normally Dream so this has me upset!!!

  19. I had this weird dream where I was at an event with my mom, younger brother and sister and a newborn (which is weird because my mom isn’t pregnant, neither am I), there’s also a lot of people..maybe a couple of thousand. All of a sudden someone tells me that there’s going to be bombs being dropped so I run and try to find my family. Unfortunately, I find no one. Everyone crouched on the ground and it was completely silent when I yell ‘I love you’ and after I say that, I catch a glimpse of my brother. Then, the dream ends and I wake up.

  20. I had a dream that these men in some kind of authority over a prison but they were like bad guy spys too were chasing me. After awhile they came to my house someone I knew was in the room sitting down. One of them was standing and the other sitting at the end of the couch. I knew something was up and when I sat down on the couch a bomb exploded under me and I was dead. I couldn’t move but I knew I could choose to stay dead or come back to life. I started to let myself die but ended up fighting to live. I tried to move a body part as hard as I could and I moved my tongue. Then it just ended. What could that mean?

  21. I had a dream that I was in a storage place I guess and a cart of bombs came rolling out of no where and I noticed and told the guy who was with me, he didn’t see it at first but when he did he told me to run. Right when he said that, the man downstairs with the moustache starting shooting up through the stairs, I was falling down in between the stairs and then the holes between the stairs to small so I had to run down them. The man downstairs had a black leather coat on and the man upstairs bad a grey suit on. Once I got to the bottom of the stairs the man in grey, was running down the stairs shooting at the man in the black leather coat. The man in black smiled and opened his coat and there was tons of bombs on him. Somehow I was attached so I ran out of the building trying to get the rope off of me and watching for the man in grey. Right when I saw the man in grey he was running away from the man in black, I got the rope off of myself and then he set the bombs off, thinking I was still attached. Then I woke up. What does all of this mean..?

  22. My dream was… I was setting up to sell items in a mall or coference center and I had set out tones of jewelry. Some guy came up in a group and I dont think they were all together but I suddenly went from having 5 people attending me and helping to only me and 1 other and I asked where did everyone go and the other shrugged her shoulders. Im watching this guy and I noticed the rack hes in front of is now missing 1 piece so I said sir. Did you take this set? He said no but reached in to grab his phone that was ringing and boom. There it was when he phone came out. So I said im sorry but you’ll need to pay for that its $5.00. So he gave me $5 said he apologized he meant to hand me the money but was embarrased. Then on an opposing table I had to attend to another person looking at items. Turned back around the guy still standing there but now like 8 items were missing and he had a look on his face. So I put whatever I had in my hands down and said sir! Then he darted running and I went after him… chased him for like a quarter mile then he ran into a store ran around the back of it and came back to the front with a bomb. He laid down and looked at me and I started running and telling others to run. This bomb, had the force of a nuclear bomb and as we were running towards outside but still in the mall the explosion kept expanding and growing towards us (similar to the fire wall in indepence day) we get to the main lobby and protect ourselves between pillars till thr debris passes and then go outside. People were so shaken up. I was in shock but I was desperate to find my mom. My coworker and I kept trying to find ways to get hugher to see the total damage. We found a staircase that winded up and climbed it only to realize at the top everything had fallen down from the blast, I was scared because it began to sway as we made our way down… later I found my mom sitting down at a medical site in a chair and shes perfectly fine I just leaned down and gave her a big hug.

  23. I had dream that I was at ground zero and whispered in to my girlfriends ear ‘Allahu ackbar’ I then place some flowers on the ground and pulled the trigger on the bomb strapped to my chest

  24. I had this dream that I was protecting kids who already had guns but we’re scared to shoot…. A man I knew warned me to run and have everyone else run… an old lady sacrificed her mobility by being shot at for us…. we all escaped the explosion…. I thanked the old lady and told her I loved her.

  25. I’m always having dreams about running away from bombs so that I can get away in time before it explodes. Sometimes I do manage to get away before it explodes. Other times, I don’t, I fly and hit the ground hard with the impact… but I never die.
    I have these about once every week, with the same sensation of moderate (but not so intense it could be a nightmare) fear.
    I am a teenager.
    Please help, what do these dreams mean?
    I’m sure they are not just one offs.

  26. I had a dream that I was at a school dance but we soon got bored and went outside. Then we saw 3 planes (two looked like large blimps) then bombs started falling almost as if they were in slow motion but I don’t recall seeing them go off. But I remember seeing a police officer by it waiting for it to come. Me and everyone ran to the local park and there we were chased by two red double decker buses. Again I don’t remember seeing anyone get hurt but I was following my best friend but I kept loosing her and in the end I was alone on the sidewalk.

  27. Last night I had a dream about a bomb/threat. There’s this guy with a laundry cart, I’ve never seen him before (the dream takes place at my work). He looks right at me, turns and walks down the hall. I go back downstairs and am about to tell someone when I get sidetracked. Later I’m walking with my coworker and we see the guy again. He looks right at us, my coworker asks if I’ve seen him, I say upstairs, only for a second. He walks away, we approach, and I wake up just before it explodes.

    The weird thing is, as the guy is walking away from the cart, I know, without investigating, that there’s a bomb hidden inside. What does that mean?
    Also, what is the significance of the location (work), the appearances of the guy (2), and the event happening with my coworker next to me?

    On another note; today, at work, we lost some information for a client. And everyone is freaking out. This cannot be a coincidence. There has to be an explanation. What does it all mean?

  28. I had a dream of walking past a building that was already bombed and then I remember vividly people were in pieces and were cover up in blue sheets what does this mean

  29. I dreamt that I was 14 years old and was in middle school gr9 and I asked my mom if I should bomb my school and she kept encouraging me to do so and this was happening while school had already started and I went into the front doors and placed the bomb on the floor and lit it and ran out really quicly while it went off then while I was running away all the school officials came running after me

  30. I had a dream last night that i was with a bunch of theater actors and we where getting prepared outside in parking lot to perform (former amateur) Then all of a sudden I saw a large explosion and it seemed to be fairly far away, but the destruction got closer and closer. As everyone in the area including myself ran away of it I looked back and saw a big mushroom cloud (scary as heck!). I woke up right after that and I don’t know what to make of that.

    But the reason why I took time to type this out this morning is because last time I had a wild dream like this was the night before the indo tsunami. I dreamed that night about destruction and woke up feeling very depressed, only to find out that there was a tragic ending in Indo.

    I will admit that I have had a pretty challenging year financial and am wondering if this means something relating to my business or if there’s something bigger being revealed to me.

    Help what can this mean?

  31. I dreamt that there was a bomb exploding in a store and my mom was near it and she was injured from it. She had fire coming out if her ears which was odd. What does that mean?

  32. I had a dream 4 times about bombs. The first three consisted of me running from an enemy n his own bomb blew up in his face, instead of mine all the while I had a baby in my hands trying to save the baby. Then the last dream the bomb was sowed into my chin n the enemy told me he’ll blow my face up if I try to escape. But people were trying to save me, n slit my chin open to remove the bomb.

  33. Last night I dreamt that I was with my 8-year-old daughter in a crowd. We see a plane in the distance and it dropped a bomb in a far away neighborhood. More planes came and more bombs dropped until finally one dropped not too far from where we were. It exploded and I grabbed my daughter who was crying and screaming. I tried to wrap myself around her to protect her, but woke up as the flames were burning us. It was horrible and I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. What could this dream mean?

  34. I had a dream where there were hundreds of planes flying over head and they were all dropping huge, red, bombs. And on the bombs it said in white letters, “they are coming”. What does this mean?

  35. My dream was me on the beach in my hometown with my boyfriend and some friends and some really tall lady set off a huge bomb, but for a second I saw the bomb hover over the sand before it quickly dove into the sand and blew up.. What does this mean? It was evening in my dream

  36. In my dream I was in a house with my husband and other people and we were having a small get together. I went to have a drink and couldn’t find him. I kept asking where he was? No one knew then I made eye contact with this blonde man and he threw a small bomb at me filled with nails. I could feel the metal from the nails but they never entered my skin they almost fell off. I ran and he kept throwing them I survived every time. Then he finally got caught by the police and I was safe. Can you help me translate this? Please?

  37. I keep dreaming that I’m in a warzone and that a bomb falls close to me but doesn’t explode instantly. In this dream I try to run away.. sometimes I’m too paralyzed to move or other times I run and don’t have enough time till the bomb explodes.
    What does this stand for?

    • OMG! This is so creepy, I am having the same exact dream!! I dream that I am next to a car, and a bomb falls close but doesnt explode instantly. I remember opening my eyes in the dream, and looking and wondering why it hasn’t exploded. Then, I wake up. Idk what it means, but it scares the crap out of me.

      • I have also been having this same dream, though it occurs in my back yard. It makes me feel sick to my stomach when I wake up. I also remember seeing the bombs go off near by and I have an urge to make sure everyone is okay when I wake up. I hate that feeling of loss…

        • i dreamt when there is a man who wanted to detonate a bomb but he was hiding in a small car so the police caught him and took him to police and showed them the bomb but the man wanted to kill people who were in public places

    • Such a dream means that you will have unexpected and unfavorable events, which will disturb to reach your goals. But you will overcome them and they will not make you any damage.

  38. I dreamt of bombers flying over the neighborhood, and then dropping the bombs. I said to the person I was with that the government was waging war on the people.