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Information, leadership, bookkeeping.


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General Meanings:

The books and libraries the dream symbolize the desire to pursuit of knowledge and the ability to learn from the experiences and opinions of the other people. The dream of books represents both wisdom and spiritual awareness. Also the following circumstances are more meaningful:

  • A book of memories in the dream – experiences and insights that life gave us.
  • Reading the book may indicate that you should pay more attention to your experience and past mistakes.
  • To notice what you read in the dream, you will contend with problems that are not easy to solve.
  • To dream of buying a book then this promises success in future, because you will learn from your experience.
  • To read a serious book in the dream, this denotes that you will gain more prestige and respect.
  • To write a book in the dream, this is a sign of career changes because you are unsatisfied about your profession.
  • The dream of account book, this dream requires attention of the dreamer because he needs to take care of his resources.
  • To read a novel, then this dream shows that the dreamer may explore his past, love story or his relations.

Psychological Meanings:

Support This dream symbol is interpreted as a “book of life”. Title or theme of a book can show information about your own mental attitude, also the color of the cover can be used for interpretation. Sometimes the content of the book may go together with your own life. This dream may help you to cope with what is happening in your life.

Spiritual Meanings:

A book – especially a holy book like the Bible or the Koran – symbolizes secret or sacred knowledge. Then such a dream gives you a sign that you have to pay attention to sacred knowledge in order to see are you on the right way.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Your life if see a title of a book – The title of the book is seen in the dream, then this may be your own “Book of Life”;
  • Respect from others if books on the shelf – The books on the shelf in the office in your dream, then this dream shows a respectable position;
  • Knowledge if sit in the middle of books – To dream of sitting in the middle of many books, or in a large library, then this dream shows that your unconscious is overwhelmed with such a miracle, that you have an ability to develop yourself with so much knowledge;
  • Respect if read philosophical books – This dream indicates that you will earn honor and will become more wiser;
  • Fortune if read good books – You are reading good books in your dream, then this means that you are lucky enough in your life and will have wisdom to make clever actions;
  • New aims if study books – To dream of studying a book, then this means that you will create new plans and aims from all your memories and insights that you had in the past;
  • Respect if learn from books – You are leaning from the books in your dream, then this dream signifies that you will gain respect from people around you;
  • happiness if read a novel -To dream of reading a novel can be as sign of joy. In near future you will experience happy and pleasant events;
  • Desire for changes if write a book – When you are writing a book in your dream and you are a writer, then this dream is a sign that you are not happy and satisfied about your professional life, you want to write your new “life script”;
  • Well-being if buy a book – You have bought a book in the dream, then the meaning of this dream is that you will get knowledge which may bring you benefits;
  • News if receive as a gift – You got a book as a present from someone in your dream, then this dream will bring you a pleasant message;
  • – see tied up books – When the books are tied up in your dream, then this dream announces that your wealth will increase;
  • Lost of friends if see burning books – The books are burning in your dream, then this is a very bad sign that you will lose your real friends;
  • Respect if can not read a book – In the dream you can not read a book because you do not understand the language but look for translation, then this dream marks that you will invest much time and effort to solve complex issues and then you will get deserved honor and evaluation;
  • Good children if children reading books – When children are reading books in the dream, then this dream symbol stands for harmony and well-behaved children;
  • Evil if see old books – The old books as a dream symbol may stand for past demons that wants to make damage of all kinds.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Distraction if read a book – To dream of reading a books and all the time take a glance to others then this dream marks about your distraction, you do not focus on very important and serious things;
  • Welfare if book is useful to read or learn from it – The book that you are reading in the dream is very useful for you and you learn good things from it, then this dream indicates business improvement and better life;
  • Joy if write a book – The dream denotesĀ  about great work but with little merit. But such a work gives you lots of satisfaction;
  • Mislead desires if burn book – In the dream you see burnt book or see burning then this dream signifies about deluded hopes and expectations.

* Please, see meaning of reading, religious images.

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  1. Hi I wanted to share to really powerful images I have been having. If anyone can help explain them let me know.

    First is all I see is clouds like steps going upwards towards a large gold book.

    Second I see a large tree next to a river. I am holding hands with hundreds of children of many cultures. I start in an empty field and then as I wait watching the rainbow in the distance I see children coming towards me taking my hand and then taking the next child’s hand, until the circle is complete. We are completely in a perfect circle around the tree.

    What can these images mean?