Accountant (bookkeeper, auditor) dream meanings


Do I want to hide something? If yes, then what I want to hide? Do I want to hide it from myself or from someone else?

General Meanings:

Attentive actions and decisions Accountant (book-keeper or auditor) as a dream symbol represents accuracy and warns against recklessness. When you dream of being an accountant, then this signifies your impartiality in the situation that you are at the moment. This means, that you look behind your back for support, try to look at the past for experience and compare the circumstances that you are surrounded by at the moment. This marks that you are cautious person and attentive to the ones you are in contact.

Psychological Meanings:

Need to consider The dream of an accountant which is looking through the books, or about the counting of an infinite series of numbers, can indicate a problem or a situation in waking life which requires calm consideration of the situation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Chance to correct mistakes if be an accountant and find mistakes – You are an accountant and found some mistakes then this dream marks that you did some mistakes in your real life and you still have a possibility to correct them;
  • Choose your job if be an accountant and enjoy your profession – If the dreamer sees himself as an accountant, or a record keeper, or a person who is calculating in a dream, then such a dream represents professions that are suitable for the dreamer. He might become a secretary, a writer, a stockbroker, a dealer, a speculator, an operator, a bookmaker, or an operator of a gambling table.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Hard work if see an accountant – The dream of an accountant may be a sign that you will have exhausting business or tasks that are inevitable in order to reach better life or position;
  • Important person if be an accountant – Dreaming of being an accountant indicates that you are the person has the power to make important decisions.


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