Boxing dream meanings


Boxing – Strength, power, stamina.

Boxer – Working on the force or confrontation.


Boxing – where in my life do I want to be strong and to hold myself?
Boxer – what are the rules I must follow in order to bring my power adequately to express myself?

General Meanings:

Boxing or boxer in the dream can display the sense through which you “fight your way” and you have to expect significant problems;

  • To win – You will overcome the difficulties but after considerable efforts.
  • To be defeated – may indicate the failure in your life.
  • To look for a boxing match – Dream announces that soon you will have a quarrel at home.

Psychological Meanings:

Boxing is one of the aggressive sports. Who dreams of boxing, should be either aggressive or more assertive if you want to reach your aims. The dream of aggressive behavior is often related with crises or exciting phase of vocational training to develop strength and power.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fight if see yourself boxing – In the dream you are boxing, then you will have heavy battle for a plan or aims;
  • Misfortune if be defeated – In the dream during boxing match you were defeated , then this dream announces you failure of your hope;
  • Hard work if win boxing match – You won boxing match in your dream, then this marks that you will reach and perform your plans but only after great difficulties;
  • Disputes if see others boxing – In the dream you see others boxing, then this dream shows that you will get into an argument with another man.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if meet a boxer – To dream of meeting a boxer, then this dream is a warning that you have to be cautious in your dealings;
  • Adventure if boxing yourself – You are boxing in the dream, then this denotes a thrilling adventure, but also you have to be very careful in order to disappointment;
  • Troubles if watching boxing match – This dream indicates that you will have disappointments and you will not have an ability to avoid them, so you have to accept and to be ready.

* Please, see meaning of boxing match.

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  1. Boxing requires a steadfast aggressive mentality. It takes a certain level of precision and cunning to stay within that ring and survive. To dream about boxing may suggest that the boxer has changed mentalities and is aggressive for his endeavors and pursuits