Braid dream meanings

General Meanings:

A braid symbolized earlier, which was woven from three strands of the unity of body, mind and soul. He also stood for the influences that started an adolescent girl and the specific self-image as a woman. In dreams a braid also represents femininity and sensitivity. Braid also can be exhort to concentrate power and energy to a target. He often warns against habits, attitudes, expectations and beliefs that are outdated and should be finally cut off because they inhibit for further development.

Psychological Meanings:

Braided hair was once the symbol of order and cleanliness. Braiding hair of ribbons or knitting – are available to weave dreaming, which means, that the influences of life going into a coherent whole. Who in a dream weaves a braid, in waking life defends itself against progress.

Spiritual Meanings:

Very subtle influences come into play when the dreamer begins to evolve spiritually. A braid of the crown on his head refers to spiritual power.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

– To see braid in dream: you will suffer a loss and it takes you for a ride;
– Long braid: you’re not so smart as you do think you are;
– Wear: you can not make free from old prejudices;
– Plait: Do you play an important thing to take lightly;
– To lose: bad luck may come to your life;
– To cut: you will break with outdated beliefs.

European (Judeo-Christian)

– To see one: you will have to be separated from a dear old habit, you should try something new and cling to very old commandments;
– Weave: the mind is in a love affair lost;
– To cut off: you will now like to put annoying habits and should continue to do so;
– To wear: it’s a sign that detractors lurking on you to cause damage.

Arabian (Islamic)

– To see or wear: you’ll be exposed to general ridicule;
– To see a weave a braid: there are complicated business negotiations or changes in life conditions;
– To cut: it should be a matter that has already cost a lot of effort and energy, but finally it goes well.

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7 responses

  1. i dreamt that my ex husband had long braids on in twisting style in wine colour, and said to myself in dream that he did my style and the my colour type that i normally do in weaken life.

  2. My very vivid dream last night:

    I was soaking in the bathtub, my hair was wet and unbraided (it was long hair, longer than my current hair length). A man I know from work (someone I have only platonic admiration for) appeared and started braiding my hair, like into a French braid. What I remember most significantly was that he was braiding my hair with a lot of care and enjoyment.

    At first he was sitting outside of the bathtub, but then he needed to lean over the bathtub to reach better, and it was only then that i paid attention to the fact that he was naked. I was very concerned with averting my eyes from his private area so as not to transgress the sexual line, but i did see his pubic hair in my peripheral vision. And then i started worrying about whether this was right or weird… but neither of us were involved sexually at all and seemed to pretend to not notice we were naked.

    When a dream sticks in my mind like that, i think there is meaning to it. I really dont think there is any sexual meaning to it though… the guy is happily married with kids and i have no romantic feelings for him whatsoever. I do wonder what this all means though.

  3. I had a dream last night that I had entered an old barn and found multiple braids of dark hair on a nail. I immendiately had a feeling of young indians on horses riding into the barn and placing their cut braids on this nail. I’m not indian and have no radical spiritual feelings but do find this dream very interesting.

  4. I found a cut braid in a bag. I did not have the impression that it was beautiful, it was just someone’s dark braid in… when I think twice, in MY bag. In mu culture there is a superstition that a curse can be cast with leaving hair, so this appeared in my dream, I got scared that someone had cursed me. What is more, I had the impression in my dream that somebody had been stealing from my bag.