Branch dream meanings


Growth stages.


In which direction do I grow up?

General Meanings:

  • The branch with leaves indicates that there are groundless worries, everything will be perfect.
  • The branch is bald, dried up or broken, then this dream denotes failures and disappointments.
  • To stumble across a broken branch and to stop for a while, sometimes it starts an inner change in waking life.

Psychological Meanings:

Most part of the tree of life marks something about our mental state:
– where thriving or verdant branches reflect our inner balance;
dry or dead branch denotes worries and disappointment;
– sit on a swaying branch signifies the feeling of insecure;
burnt branch indicates unfulfilled desires.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Think again if branches of trees – To see branches of trees in the dream, this dream marks that you have deluded hopes, you have to thing again and to find your real desire;
  • Good life if leafy branch – This dream is a very good sign that you will not have any sorrow and disappointment in your life, you are moving toward your goals;
  • Success if climbing – In the dream you are climbing on the branches of a tree, this marks that you are doing your business for quite an unusual way, but you will have success;
  • Personal worries if branches are tangled – This dream marks that you have to deal with personal problems;
  • Cautious if broke a branch – the branch brakes while you are trying to climb, this indicates that you have to be more attentive in your life;
  • Fear if a withered branch (for young woman) – In the dream a young woman withered branch, then this signifies that she has an unconscious fear of childlessness.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Inconvenience if see branches – To see branches in a dream mean that you will experience discomfort in near future;
  • Hard work if saw off branches – This dream denotes that you will get a lot of work if you want to implement your desires;
  • Discord if broke a branch – In the dream you break a branch, then such a dream denotes that you will have strife in near future, but later you will solve them all;
  • Joy if see burning branches – In the dream you see burning branches then this dream indicates that you will experience joy.

* Please, see meaning of twig, branches.

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