Branches dream meanings


– Small but accurate growth.


– Where in my life am I ready and able to grow?

General Meanings:

The dream symbol of branch is interpreted as a part of life, this depends on the circumstances in your dream:

  • Green and flowering branches in the dream this proclaims that you will have wonderful and high expectations and positive experiences in your life.
  • The dream symbol of dry branches warns of failures and disappointments in near future.
  • Branches which are lying on the ground in the dream denotes that hopes and plans failed because you did not have enough courage and strength to realize them.
  • Burnt branches signifies that you put a futile effort to reach or to make something, this will not bring you any success.

Psychological Meanings:

The thin branch and it is green and flourishing in the dream, then this indicates wish-fulfillment, step by step every desire will fulfill. The thin branches with small leaves, then this dream will bring you a favorable changes in your life.

Spiritual Meanings:

The branch as a gift for a winner or a ruler, this indicates the desire for immortality.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness and success if green branches – In the dream you see green branches, then such a dream announces happiness and blessing. In your life you will have success in the important projects, also it marks the fulfillment of long-cherished wishes and desires;
  • Hurt if drought and dried branches – You dream a drought and all the branches are dried, then this dream signifies about a misfortune. Also denotes that you will have to suffer pain through your loved one;
  • Warning if see a broken branch – This dream is a sign that you do not cling to unsteady ideas or plans, because you will not be successful and this will bring you only disappointment and distrust of yourself.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Growth if see healthy branches of the tree – The dream symbol of branch stands as a part of the living tree which signifies strength and growth;
  • Wealth if branches full of fruits – In the dream you see branches with green leaves and full of fruits then such a dream proclaims you wealth and many happy hours with family or friends;
  • Fulfillment if see green branches – This dream is very positive, this means that your hopes will be fulfilled;
  • Good days if tree with many branches with leaves – When in your dream appears a tree with green leaves then this is a very fortunate omen;
  • Annoyance if see dried branches – In the dream you see dried branches, then this dream will bring you disappointment and annoyance in near future.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Take actions if green branches – This dream is a sign that only with the speeches you will achieve nothing, you have to take actions in order to create something in your life;
  • Success if see Spruce branches – In the dream you see spruce branches then this dream marks that you can have success, but you have to do it on your own with joy;
  • Disappointment if burnt branches – When you see burnt branches in your dream, then this marks that all your efforts are in vain;
  • More efforts if withered branches – This dream denotes that without any efforts you will not haveĀ  success. You have to work harder if you want to reach something;
  • No worries if branches of shrub – Now it is a moment when everything looks confused, but you will find a way out.

* Please, see meaning of branch.

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  1. I had a dream that 3 inch spruce branches where growing out of my abdomen and I was pulling the out and they had roots attached to them. Some where turning into money and I was throwing them out the car window and I was sitting in the back seat and I was upset because I had to get to the hospital because my husband was there. What does this mean?

  2. My dream was that l was going down an avenue lined with trees and the leave buds were eagerly unwiding and they unwinding in such a beautiful green shiney leaves and i was in awe of how beautiful they were.,with their extreme urgency 2 unravel from the bud 2 the begining of a leaf. If someone can divulge and explain the meaning l wud greatly appreciate ur time in replying . Thank u Miss S Shepheard.