Break dream meanings


Destruction & violent changes.


What patterns or forms have I outgrown?

General Meanings:

Broken in dream symbolizes loss or injury.

Needs of changes If it is about a favorite subject which has broken, then the dreamer must change something in his life and break with the past.

Barrier If the dreamer has broken an arm or a leg, this means that he is possibly prevented from thriving, from making headway or from implementing a certain action. In the dream to see broken glass or porcelain (china) are considered as luck symbols, but to see, that other objects are broken is not good.

New beginning Breaking something can be a positive symbol, shows that you have to found a way out of a crisis and with it the new beginning will be marked.

Psychological Meanings:

Be vigilant Broken glass in a dream means, that we should be more careful with certain people or things. The porcelain was broken, this is more positive then other objects.

Free yourself from shackles If the dreamer shatters himself an object in a dream, this is understood as an indication to the fact, that he must take action to break the shackles or to dissolve a liaison in his life.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level breakage stands for destroyed ideals and hopes, as well as for shaken confidence.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Derision if break something – The dream notices that you will be mocked up.


  • Happiness if break glass or porcelain –  In the dream you break glass or porcelain brings luck;
  • Affliction if break something made of wood – The dream announces distress;
  • Success if break something made of iron – In the dream you break something made of iron announces that a major breakthrough will succeed.


  • Trouble if break or to see broken things – These broken things announces worries in your life.

* Please, see also dreams about glass or porcelain and vessels, which can break.

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