Breaker dream meanings

General Meanings:

The dream symbol of breaker stands for the “soul of the waves and waves of emotion”. Do not worry, let yourself to fall and to create your wishes.

Psychological Meanings:

Generally the breaker as a dream symbol symbolizes ups and downs in the life. You will deal with all the difficulties that arise in your life, but this dream also warns against excessive sense of security which doesn’t let you to create new things in your life.

  • The higher waves and the stormy sea then the stronger emotional upheavals wait for the dreamer.
  • The sea is steady and calm, then this points the balance between spiritual and physical life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Annoying admirer if see a breaker – In the dream you see a breaker, then this dream means that your all will have to focus on your tact to get rid of an unwelcome suitor.

* Please, see meaning of sea, water.

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