Breast dream meanings


– Chest: fullness of life; Generosity. Female: nourish; Female sexuality; Maternal love.


– Chest: What kind of experiences do I want to savor fully? – Female: What do I feed? Which part of me wants to be loved?

General Meanings:

Need of Mother’s love – It is assumed that this part of the body is mostly common dream; The breasts of a woman, are the symbol of food and motherly love. If a man dreams of mother’s breasts, this represents his unconscious longing for his mother or care.

Need for security and care – Breast often indicates that you are looking for a close people to lean on, to rest and to cry, where you can feel safe;  It often happens to lonely people.Also the feeling of the unshakable inner security, from which you confidently solve all problems. Breasts of the woman frequently point  to suppressed sexual needs, to which you should pay more attention. Other interpretations arise from the following accompanying circumstances in the dream:

  • Happiness – As an old dream books interpret, the beautiful woman’s breasts announce a joyful event.
  • Personal immaturity – The breasts points to an immature personality which longs for the infancy, for the security and care of mother and do not want to assume any responsibilities.
  • Success and Losses – Big breasts often promise material success, while slack breasts can warn about financial losses.
  • Luck – A baby suckling at the breast is a general symbol of good luck.

Psychological Meanings:

Need for mother’s love – Although most people deny the mind’s need for mothering or “suffocating love”, this request appears on the psychological level, especially when one is under stress. From Freud understood as a sexual symbol in early childhood which suggests of sexual feelings towards the mother and the baby, by whom he is suckled.

Spiritual support – Naturally the dream of the breast reflects the maternity, life-preserving, feeding, but also the spiritual food, which is good for the soul budget.

  • Who is hurt(violated) on the breast, perhaps searches for mental agreement or has grief at home.
  • It is also possible that a beautiful women’s breast can point to a heartening love affair and the breast of an old woman – the fear of lack of power.
  • In the dream the breast almost never has a sexual character.

Spiritual Meanings:

On a spiritual level, the breasts go for motherhood, protection and love.


European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good and bad sign If wounded – For the young people this dream is a good sign, but for old ones it is a bad sign;
  • Surprise If see – The dream announces you a pleasant surprise, which makes your life happier;
  • Love If see a beautiful woman – In the dream you see a beautiful woman with gorgeous breasts, it is a sign for lovers, someone will confess love to you;
  • Fulfillment If see beautiful girl – When you are dreaming the beautiful girl, this dream announces you, fulfillment of the most secret wishes;
  • Beauty If see excessively big – The dream promises a time of appearance prosperity and well-being;
  • Fortune If excessive girl’s breasts – The dream promises great fortune, because you deserve this;
  • Winning If hairy men’s chest  – When you are dreaming that you see hairy man chest, this means that you get lottery prize and it’s time to buy a ticket;
  • Worries If improbably flat or withers – In the dream your breasts(chest) improbably flat is considered to losses, concerns, poverty;
  • Happiness If see child on the mother’s breasts – This points to a lot of happiness in personal and private affairs;
  • Homesickness If only hold a child near the breast – In the dream you see that somebody holds the child near the breasts, shows you really miss your home and family;
  • Friendship If sit on someone’s chest – This dream is a sign that you will have true and real friendship.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • The breast of the people points to the strength of his cleverness;
  • Strength If wide (for man) – If the man dreams, his chest is wide and powerful, he will be broadminded, generous and incredibly strong in his decisions and way of life;
  • Weakness and Aggression If narrow – The man dreams that his chest is narrow and became smaller, he will be narrow-minded and hated because of his conceptions.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • The chest is the protection and defense of human life and health.
  • Good life If wide – In the dream a broad and wide (breasts) chest promises equally full long life and wealth.
  • Illness If feel pain –  If you dream, your breasts(chest) are narrow, weak or became sore, you will go through many diseases, your life will be short and poor, a lot tormented. This is a warning that you have to pay attention to your health if you want to avoid such a living.
  • Happiness If beautiful breasts – The breasts mean daughters without any doubt. Beautiful, lush breasts predict joy for the daughters.
  • Illness If hurt – In the dream you see that the breasts are affected by disease or they hurt, so the disease threatens to the daughters; If the dreamer has not got any daughters, misfortune will hit nearest female relatives.
  • Illness If have wounded – This is a warning that you have to pay attention to your health, because this dream announces you an illness;
  • Friendship If see wounded – When you dream that the breasts are wounded, this means that you will have or already have true and faithful friendship;
  • Welfare If covered with hair (for men) – This dream says that you will have health, happiness and profits;
  • Illness If covered with hair (for women) – In the dream you  see breasts covered with hair, this announces a  disease for the husband;
  • Success If beautiful – When you see beautiful breasts in your dream, this mean that you will have luck and joy in love. This mean that you will find your soul mate;
  • Happiness If with an infant – This dream brings you joy and peace in marriage.

* Please, see meaning of body, mother.

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