Breathing dream meanings

General Meanings:

Breathing is the symbol for life itself. When the dreamer breathes deeply and consciously, then this dream indicates his deep connection with life.

Psychological Meanings:

Warning The emotional state of a person often has an impact on his respiratory rate. In the dream increased respiratory rate can be a sign of a panic attack. However, in the dream it is hard to breath because of strangling then this is a sign of a deterioration of personality development. And when such a dream triggers strong feelings of anxiety, then this denotes a physical illness or a mental disorder.

Development Breathing in the dreamer under water indicates an instinctive return to the womb. The relaxing breathing in the dream stands as a symbol for the free development of energy as well as mental and physical balance.

Spiritual Meanings:

The dream of breathing is the symbol of soul and your power of the mind and the life-giving energy.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good life if clean and fresh breath – Your dream of clean, fresh breath announces you truthful behavior, tolerable financial statements;
  • Anxiety if bad breath – There is bad breath because of disease in a dream, then in near future you will meet intrigue and anxiety;
  • Worries if be out of breath – In your dream you are out of breath then you will have difficulties and troubles;
  • Failure if breathlessness – The dream indicates failure where success seemed assured.

* Please, see meaning of air, fear.

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