Bride dream meanings


Female receptivity.


What am I willing to receive?

General Meanings:

The need for love relations If a woman sees herself in a dream as a bride, this expresses the wish to bring herself to a love relationship after independence. The dreamer must learn to understand the change of responsibility. In the dream of a man a bride symbolizes the view of the feminine, innocent parts inside her. If the dream about wedding – especially if it is of those who is dreaming – then this is an indication of feelings integration to reality. Bride, bridegroom are understood trivially, sometimes as the need for a marriage or partnership which is perhaps suppressed. Symbolic meanings often stand behind it, for example:

  • Creation Contrasts and oppositions in own personality will combine with each other to create something new, and besides lose their ambivalent character.
  • Self-knowledge Awareness and mind will connect with the unconscious and emotions to create harmonious, balanced and mature personality through better understanding of your own motive and character.
  • Needs and Desires Sometimes religious needs or desire for transcendental experiences also is revealed beyond mind and logic (groom can stand for example as a symbol for Christ or Spirit and the bride for the Virgin Mary).
  • Purity The bride wears a white dress, the color of innocence, but also of abstinence and in a sense also the feeling of cold (see also “White”).
  • Forbidden actions In the dream to sleep with own bride, for the man, means an adventure in which he breaks a taboo.
  • Worries Who sleeps with a stranger in the wedding dress, might get in trouble because of his research approach in waking life.
  • Doubt For women, the bride’s dream could include love and happiness from which they shrink back because somebody in their life speaks against it.
  • Fulfillment Sometimes it is a kind of desirable fulfillment if one leads a bride to the altar or steps even as a bride in the dream vision.
  • Happiness If the bride is happy in a dream, it symbolizes a happy family life and a good partnership.
  • Disputes If the bride is ugly or unfortunate, the dream shows conflicts with partnership or family. It can also sometimes express a warning against an unwanted pregnancy.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire for relations, family, stability The dream stands for the desire for the union integrated with the not integrated personality interests. Perhaps the dreamer searches his innocent, feminine side. If the picture of a bride, a bridegroom or a wedding appears in the dream, this can be interpreted as a sing for the wish for a fair connection. Sometimes the desire is also more generally, for a balance of inner and outer discrepancies. But can also be shown the desire for a balance of forces. This is also a frequent dream for young men who are fixed on a specific type of woman and search for these “dream girl” in all.

Spiritual Meanings:

At this level, the bride stands for the spiritual need for love, the knowledge of love, receptivity and fertility.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Felicity If seeing the bridal jewelry – In the dream you see the bridal jewelry yours or someone else, this dream announces you a lot of joy and happiness in your family;
  • Engagement and Prosperity If seeing yourself as bride – When you dream that you are a bride in a dream then this shows early engagement and improvement of your own situation, life and wealth;
  • Careless relations If hugging a bride (For men) – In the dream you hug a bride, so this dream is a warning against reckless love affairs;
  • Conciliation If kissing – You are dreaming that you are kissing a bride, this dream announce you about happy reconciliation with friends or family members;
  • Plenty of joy If a bride kissing other people – In the dream you see that the bride kisses other people, this dream is a sign about happiness, a lot of friends and love in life;
  • Health and Wealth If yourself  kissing – When you kiss a bride in the dream, that can expect good health and also your sweetheart will inherit unexpected fortune, prosperity;
  • Satisfaction If kissing a bride and feeling that fully – In the dream you feel the kiss when you kiss a bride, you will be satisfied with your own success and the actions of your friends;
  • Troubles If a woman indifferent to her husband – In the dream you notice that the woman indifferent to her husband, this dream is a warning about many unfortunate circumstances of life. You have to pay attention to all details and decisions that you do;
  • Success If seeing a bride’s carriage –  This dream is symbol which brings you good luck and success in the near future.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Realization of the desires If leading – When you lead a bride in the dream to the altar, this dream announces you about fulfillment of your long lasting desires;
  • Satisfaction If seeing dead – This dream is a sign that you’ll be happy and satisfied in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Calmness If seeing a bride or a groom – You are dreaming that you see a bride or a groom in a good omen, your conscious says that you stay in peace with your mind;
  • Faithfulness If kissing or hugging – In the dream you see someone else or you kiss or hug a bride, you can expect peace of mind and loyalty with your partner;
  • Happiness If see going to the altar – You are dreaming that you are in the weddings and see the bride is going to the altar, this dream announces you happy times;
  • Accomplishment If lead to the altar – In the dream you lead the bride to the altar, this is a sign about the fulfillment of  wishes and desires;
  • Marriage If dancing – You are dancing or someone else doing this, this dream points to the early marriage in you family;
  • Happy relations If seeing dead – In the dream you see dead bride this is a good sign about long happy marriage.

* Please, see meaning of groom, wedding, white.

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16 responses

  1. My frnd saw herself in her wedding. She doesnt wear any wedding jwellary n she always asking for it to relatives. But no one says anything. Everyone is quite. What does it mean

  2. I had a dream that i was getting married to my boyfriend…. somehow i ended up dead. and became a corpse who was still getting married. and was still beautiful. We acted as if it were totally okay and normal. besides my skin having a little discolor.

  3. Last night I saw my mom in Indian wedding dress c was looking very beautiful, ladies surrounding her then she came to me wearing lots of heavy Jewellery n her cloths were changed than she said u r wearing dress like mine,, c was looking very pretty,, what does this dream means,, c is not well these days m really worried,,

  4. I’ve had a dream before the wedding dream I recently had. I met the man and it seemed like I’ve known him for a long time but I couldn’t make out his face, when we was together I had saw my ex. This was quite awkward for me… even though it was a dream. The man had dropped me home and had kissed me in front of my ex.

    Not long after this dream, I had dreamt about me getting married. I was wearing a lovely white dress and was walking to the alter where the man who was in my previous dream stood waiting for me; he was the groom. I couldn’t make out his face sadly in both dreams.

    I’m trying to think of what this could mean, do you know what this could mean?

  5. I dreamt of my own wedding in red indian dress. I was told abt the guy a day before the wedding only in the evening. The groom in my dream was my classmate. Also i was talking to my ex boyfrnd who left me few days back. I cried in the dream while talking to my ex but then was happy with the guy I got married to. I saw the house where we were entring in its cealing was all broken but still we got in and me my husband and the whole family was happy .What does that mean. In Hinduism see your own wedding dream is not good. Please explain the meaning.

  6. I dreamt about my wedding. I was told that I would be wed and had to look for my gown. I was debating if I should go for Japanese kimono or the usual white bridal gown. There were two guys. Let’s say B1 and B2 since both were strangers to me (though B2 seemed like a celebrity). Not sure if I was in a relationship with any of them but from my dream it seemed that I was closer to B1 and likely to choose him as my husband. Though I was hoping that B2 liked me more and would end up with him in the end. Anyway fast forward, I was in a room dressing as apparently it was my wedding day but still not sure to whom I will be wed with but was hoping for B2. I opted for a white bridal gown. When I was walking, (not yet in the aisle but on the way there) I passed some windows and looked at my reflection, I told myself that I looked so pretty in my gown! I had my hair tied up in a bun and the veil was flowing behind. Then I was finally walking in the aisle (I think it was a garden wedding since it was outdoor) I was looking straight at the priest in front, I could see B1 beside B2 waiting for me, so I thought I was going to wed B1 but he looked handsome in his tux so that was fine. When I finally reached the altar, B2 suddenly came to me and held my hand. He smiled at me and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised, so I was to wed him! However, after the kiss I thought, was that how the kiss should felt like with my husband? It was nice and his lips felt hot when it connected with mine but too wet for my liking. Anyway, it turned out it was a mass wedding and we fell in line together with the others who were to wed that day.

  7. Last night i dreamt that i’ll be marrying my bestfriend’s boyfriend, then I realized that I had a boyfriend too, then why should I? I asked the priest if i could change my groom and i explained him what the situation is, and he agreed! So my partner become my groom on the second half of the ceremony. STRANGE!

  8. I was getting ready on my wedding day.I din’t see groom’s face and never met him. I was very nervous. I was running to reach the place but din’t reach and woke up . What does this mean ?

    • I dreamed that I was getting married to my late husband,but suddenly was not him, was a man I love after my huband had passed away.I didin’t meet the groom and see his face but I was in hurry because they were waiting for me only found that my hair was not styled well.I was worried about that and we didn’t meet at all

  9. i dream that im wearing a white wedding dress holding a boquet of white flower,but the weird thing is my groom is my friend and he was married to my friend in real life.Im crying over joy in the wedding..i just want to know the meaning of that.They say that dreaming of a wedding or me as dreamer dream of a me myself in a wedding wearing a wedding dress is comming to a near death?Is that true?even im happy crying to a joy and wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and a boquet of white flower..please i need to have an idea..

    • Dear Ebony Sharnae,

      Such dream like yours shows that some part of your soul is still connected with your ex. But that is over and your mind seeks for complete independence.

  10. In my dream I saw a bride crying she was very upset. she was wearing her gown and sitting down. A man dressed in a tuxedo was trying to comfort the bride. I was also wearing white and was trying to comfort the bride as well but none of us was able to stop her crying. I woke up perplexed because I was taught that no one (female) other than the bride wears white at a wedding.This bride was not someone I knew either.I feel lost . This dream was very vivid. Now I feel afraid for Myself. I am not yet married.

  11. I dream of wearing a white wedding dress but i was alone. I was on a road but was looking at another couples passing wearing bridal dresses. what does this mean?