Bridge dream meanings


Compound; overcome problems.


What gulf am I ready to cross?

General Meanings:

Connection between two sides – A bridge leads over the abyss, and a bridge arches over the stream or river where other side we have to reach. Hardly any other symbol is so exhilarating and favorable omen for the coming days of life, such as just the dream of bridges.

Achievement of the goals, Move ahead  – One is freed from the fear of having to wait endlessly, but also of the risks when swimming across. As well, of course, if this courageous act is successful! In consideration of the dream, the dreamer has to meditate to understand why it is so happy to reach beyond.Is his sense of the other side has risen, he will bear the fact of this bridge as a powerful element in his life.

Weakness, Fear, Uncertainty – The dream of engineer built bridges from the wide variety of material. The bridge can only be under construction, but we have to cross. The dreamer is in fear to climb, in fear of falling down between beams and supports, anxious about the bridge construction. Sometimes the bridge on one side is without frames on left or right so the dreamer is not protected.

Psychological Meanings:

Link – A bridge is a frequently occurring image in dreams and it almost always refers to the transition from one life phase to another. It describes the emotional connection between the dreamer and other people or different areas of life and has the significance of an association.

Reconciliation and Harmony – It combines opposites or bypassed difficulties that may exist in one’s own personality or relation with others. Thus encourages to strive for greater inner harmony and reconcile conflicts through compromise.

Inner world condition via bridge condition – It is important for the interpretation of whether the bridge in the dream in a good walk-in condition or its railings are missing, it is rotten or dilapidated. It also plays a role in how the dreamer feels at the sight of the bridge. The condition is as an indication of the stability of sense of belonging, that the dreamer has and needs to make changes in his life. The following circumstances may facilitate the individual interpretation in the dream:

  • New beginning – If you go over the bridge to the other side, you will get a new activity that will satisfy you, or the beginning of a blissful love awaits you.
  • Finding the solution – To see a new bridge and / or go over it, shows that you will find ways to overcome difficulties.
  • Progress – A very long bridge promises good progress over the longer term.
  • No worries – An old bridge that looks rotten and unsafe point to difficulties, but at the same time shows that they will be removed.
  • Reconciliation and Restitution – A ruined bridge often warns not to demolish all bridges behind it, but to keep open possibility to recover it; Perhaps it was your own fault and this dream suggests you to find compromises and now you have to reckon with conflicts.
  • Enrich spiritual life – The collapsed bridge tells us that we have to bring something in our soul life, instead of that we make detours to happiness.
  • Keep going – To go under a bridge exhorted not to lose sight of your goals and to pursue them further.
  • Indecision – There are several bridges, which indicate upcoming problems, perhaps related to the weakness to make decision.
  • Barriers – The type of bridge construction tells us that our life is built on obstacles: the lack of railings or still under construction bridge shows the dreamer perilous places.

Spiritual Meanings:

Connection – On the spiritual level the river of life is crossed by the bridge. It connects opposites, feelings, thinking and actions!

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success If see intact bridge – This means that your companies and relationship will be successful;
  • Irritation If see many – In the dream you see a lot of bridges this notices you about anger and annoyance;
  • Warning If be in front of – You should beware of fraud and false admirers;
  • Attention If go on one – This is a warning that you must be cautious, because there are some dangers;
  • Changes and Work If overstep – A lot of work is waiting for you and probably this will change your circumstances and relationships;
  • Difficulties are solved If cross – This dream predicts the overcoming difficulties, even if the means seem dangerous;
  • Progress If go through a very long bridge – This shows a lot of progress in life;
  • Sadness If go through a long, dilapidated way which leads to windy eerie darkness – That predicts loss of your cherished possessions and sad events. This dream for young people promises disappointment in love, as the loved one does not promise his ideals;
  • Warning If go across an old and insecure bridge – In the dream you go across an old and unsafe bridge, it is signal that you have to be very attentive and you be able to avoid a danger;
  • Progress If go for a very long time – You move through the bridge for a long time in your dream this announces you great progress in life;
  • Difficulties If See damaged or even crash with it – The specific project will not run successfully you are a little bit guilty about it, you made wrong move;
  • Exhaustion If fall of – This is a signal about brain disorders, you have to relax;
  • Prosperity If clear water -In the dream you see that the water under the bridge is clear then you can expect or it promises prosperity;
  • Obstacles If turbid water under the bridge – The dream wants to warn you , that there will be some obstacles which will paralyze the progress of your work or personal life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Advantage If see – You will have benefits related with business people;
  • Warning If go on it – It’s not all as it seems to you. Caution is required;
  •  Suppression If fall on it – Your inhibitions will not help you to move forward;
  • Inner distress If destroyed – Fidelity does not dwell in every man, so don not go against nature;
  • Patience and Persistence If pass through it – This dream is a signal that you have  not lose your goals out of your sight.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Safety and Luck If see – In the dream you see a bridge, this shows that you will be protected from hazards and this will brings you luck in business or personal life;
  • Worries If stumble or fall on it – It is a warning that you will have some obstacles in the business, so you have to be very careful;
  • Adultery If see ruins of the bridge – This dream announces that you will suffer from infidelity;
  • Reach the objective If go under it – You dream that you go under the bridge means that after many obstacles you will reach your goals.

* Please, see meaning of construction, river water, abyss.

Contexts’ Meanings:

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  1. I dreamt of crossing a bridge at other side of d bridge i saw ppl celbrting and they r my mate in d university,bt b4 crossing d bridge i intend crossing to italy

  2. It was raining while I am passing a metal bridge with metal bars spaces in between so u can see the water underneath it. it was dark in the dream… Iam also holding my wallet on one hand the other hand a jacket.. the next thing i knew– my wallet drop off the water, the bridge was so high from the water and I can’t do anything about it. 🙁 i saw my wallet disappeared in the water but one boy out of the blue jumped into the water and ran after the wallet. Minutes later, I was on the other side of the bridge walking so slowly and so wet.. Shaking fr the incident.. Can anybody interpret this?

  3. my sister dreamt that she was crossing a bridge but someone was stopping her….she could also see a long road up ahead…does this mean that someone is stopping her success………