Bridle (reins) dream meanings

In general:

Bridles urges us for domination or even better to make the life more active, then we will be successful. Often, the animal must also be interpreted that you hold at bay. With the dreamer in his dream bridle, so he is looking forward to the yoke, then restraint or self-control necessary. If a bridle is maded ​​of flowers, then this dream is symbol of more feminine kind of control.


Bridle can point to the need of concentrated attention to one aspect of life.


Perhaps there is cause for some measure of spiritual restraint or self-control.


– To see: you will achieve what you want, also stands for the commitment in a company much the concern, but ultimately ends well and profitably;
– To bridle something: you will triumph over your friends and overcome seemingly insurmountable;
– To adopt or steer an animal with bridle: on a matter it will be not possible, as one would like to be;
– If bridle is old or corrupted: there are arising difficulties, which may force you into the knee;
– Rusty bridle in dream: one is led by an enemy’s eyes, or a woman becomes entangled in an intrigue.

– To see: you can look at yourself as the winner;
– To bridle a horse: you know your enemy will try to stop you.

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