Brilliant (gemstone) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Arrogance Brilliants (gemstone) as a dream symbol frequently warns against overconfidence, which leads to arrogance and causes conflicts with other.

Hidden inferiority Perhaps this dream denotes that behind the outward appearance hides considerable feelings of inferiority and insecurity that one tries to hide by showing wonderful external appearance.

Wonderful person Gemstone may also represent a high ideal, or a true loving man that you previously have not noticed or underestimated.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Inferiority if see gemstone – The gemstone as a dream symbol very often indicates feelings of inferiority. This marks bluff and your own over-valuation;
  • Love if find gemstone – When you find a brilliant in your dream, then this dream denotes that you will find someone who loves you devotedly;
  • Complex if wear brilliant – Mostly the dream of brilliant marks your overvaluation of yourself or hard inferiority complex;
  • Hiding yourself if see brilliants on your hand or on neck – This dream indicates that you are always trying to cover up your feelings of inferiority through appearances;
  • False friends if look at brilliants – When you are looking at brilliants, then this dream is a warning against false people;
  • Joyful events if get money for brilliants – When you sell brilliants and get money, then this announces engagement or improvement of the situation and happy events;
  • Lost love if lose a gemstone – In the dream you lost a brilliant then this dream indicates that a person who loves you will leave you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see brilliants – The brilliants in the dream warns you that you have to beware of false friends and flatterers;
  • Desire to be more powerful if clean and polished diamonds – This is a symbol of integrity and clarity. Your desire to reach more power and intellectual arrogance;
  • Lost love if lost a diamond ringĀ  – In the dream you have lost diamond ring then this dream announces a separation from a loved one.

* Please, see meaning of diamond, precious stones.

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