Bronze dream meanings

General Meanings:

Positive and negative properties The dream symbol of bronze (for example characters, weapons) shows energy and drive, but also ruthlessness and selfishness, aggressiveness, ambition and greed. The symbol has to be interpreted individually in order to see if this relates with your own properties, you should change them and do not use them against them.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unsafe success if see things made of bronze – In the dream you see that things are made of bronze, then this dream goes as a warning that your success will be unsafe and will not bring you any satisfaction;
  • Damage if see snakes or insects in bronze – When you see snakes or insects in bronze in your dream, then this dream announces envy and ruin in your life;
  • Love affairs if bronze woman statue – To dream of a bronze statue of a woman this dream signifies that you will be involved in a love affair without a subsequent marriage. This dream may bring a disappointment of a person that you trusted.

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