Brook dream meanings


The flow of emotions.


What kind of emotions do I have to flow freely?

General Meanings:

The dream of brook is understood as the race of life. The stream frequently indicates the ability to adapt to situation and to use past experiences. But there are some circumstances connected with the dream symbol of stream:

  • To swim against the tide denotes that you are unable to adapt and to use your experience that is why you always meet with problems.
  • A brook with lots of fish, this can be interpreted as a symbol of fortune, your property will increase in near future.
  • To wash yourself in the stream or brook, this dream points that you will recovery from illness very fast.
  • Clear water promises professional and financial success.
  • Cloudy or muddy water announces you professional problems and financial losses.
  • The dream symbol of vernal fresh stream or creek indicates the wonderful life and you may expect the best at work and private life.
  • Dirty and with musty-smelling creek often draws your own gloomy mood which is currently in your life, you want to reach or to create something but you always choose troubled waters.

Psychological Meanings:

A brook of fresh spring water is a sign of emotional healing and spiritual refreshment. On the contrary a dry brook is a warning of the soul. This requires your own investment of optimism and confidence.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Rich or poor if measure level – The water level of the stream indicates richness. If it is very low then this indicates disfavor in your life. It the level is high then this announces wealth in your life;
  • Happiness if see clear stream or creek – This dream is very positive which denotes health, money, profit, good luck in business, loyal friends;
  • Good work if see clear flowing water – Such a dream signifies that all your projects will run without any complications and will bring you satisfaction and good results;
  • Worries if heavy water because of mishap – In the dream to see intensively flowing water then this marks dissatisfaction, disturbance in your life;
  • Adversity if brook dirty muddy – The water is muddy and dirty in your dream, then this a bad sign which will bring you unpleasant news or even sad events;
  • Joy if see a stream or a flowing through green meadows – Very positive dream symbol which announces you happy times;
  • Warning if see a bloody stream – This dream marks disease, you have to be very attentive with your health;
  • Wrong turns if winding brook – This dream marks that you will have a period in your life a little bit “curvy”, but you will understand that this is not good to you and you will come back to “straight way”;
  • Worries if see dried brook – In the dream you see a dried brook, then this marks that you will meet  poverty and deprivation in your life;
  • Joy if drinking from a stream – You are drinking from a stream, then this is very good omen, that  announces you joy and satisfaction of your life;
  • Fortune if see a clear brook with fish – In the clear water you see lots of fishes then this indicates good luck, you can expect additional incomes;
  • Money if fishing in brook – When you fish in a brook, then this indicates some extra money;
  • Health if bathe in a stream – This dream promises the healing for sick people;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good future if see bright and clear brook – In the dream the water of brook is clear, then this marks good financial situation and hopeful future, also announces pleasant and good business partners;
  • Too slow if see a slow-flowing but clear stream – This dream marks that you are very lazy employee, but the positive side that you do your work perfectly;
  • Failure if dull and slow-flowing stream or brook – This dream is as a sign that in near future you will have misfortunes what ever you do;
  • Loss if turbid fluid – In the dream you see that the fluid or water is turbid and dirty, then such a dream indicates that in the near future you will have damage or loss;
  • Progress if clear stream flows near the house – This dream when the water is clear near your home marks that you will make good progress in your life;
  • Warning if muddy stream flows near the house – Such a dream is a warning that you have to be careful with fire because it may damage your house or all your life;
  • Bad people if brook is deep – In the dream you notice that the brook is really deep, then this denotes that you have false friends in you life. You have to be very attentive;
  • Hard period if brook or stream is dried – When you dream dried brook or steam then this dream signifies bad times, this may bring you poverty and loss and also hard times;
  • Good times if brook with lots of fish – The brook is full of fish in you dream then this marks good future, profitable business which  may change your life even to better;
  • Illness if brook or stream mixed with blood – This dream is very unfavorable which announces sickness and death in your family;
  • Good changes if bathe in or stand in a brook – This dream marks that soon you will recover from an illness or you will have an ability to improve your life;
  • Reaching goals if wade in stream or brook – In the dream you wade in the brook and enjoy then this denotes that you will achieve your goal and desires that you have in your life.

* Please, see meaning of river.

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