Broom dream meanings

General Meanings:

Get rid with problems Brooms can be understood as sexuality symbol and indicate neglected sexual needs. If you sweep with it, you will probably get rid of disturbing psychological influences and overcome obstacles.

Unreal friends and Creating your order Sometimes the broom warns of false friends and counselors.  Who holds a broom in his hand and sweeps with it, wants to create his own order. In strangers hands, brooms are comparable to those witches, which ride on them and do mischief:

  • Somebody wants to begin quarrels with us or cheat on us somehow.
  • You should take this warning seriously and watch out for masculine and feminine witches and their sweeping skills.
  • In the dream new brooms sweep well, they can point out that you are making the new idea, but you forgot the old one.

Psychological Meanings:

Sweeping the problems Broom is often associated with the broom-riding witch. This may be a dream symbol, which has an erotic significance. Mostly the broom appears in its real function, as a cleaning instrument and then means that the dreamer should solve a problem or settle a situation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Luck if see broom – In the dream you see a broom announces lottery winnings or inheritance;
  • False friends if see old broom – The dream shows that you will be in contact with unpleasant people. Also you must beware of take false friends because they want to harm you;
  • Improvement if new broom – The dream denotes that you economical thinking and thrift will improve your situation;
  • Quarrels if stumble over – When you stumble over the broom, this announces that you will have discord at home;
  • Overcoming obstacles if sweep – what you yourself can produce or get lightly, may not be left lying, you can give others. With this You and they will happily overcome barriers;
  • Fix everything in order if sweep yourself – The dream warns, that you should fix all you affairs in order, otherwise threatens annoyance;
  • Slovenly wife if a woman loses her broom – In the dream woman can’t find her broom, she has lost it, means that she will become a nasty unpleasant and slovenly wife in housekeeping.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Worries if see – Broom in a dream shows that someone will bother you and the stupid person will bring you troubles. Be smart and do not listen to fools;
  • Warning if see new broom – The dream  where you see a new broom warns about wrong people around you;
  • Meeting with good friends if old one – The old broom marks that you will gather together with good and old friends;
  • Trust yourself if turning around with it – In the dream you turning around with the broom means that you do not have listen to other people.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Quarrels if see broom – In a dream you notice a broom, this will bring you quarrels and strife at home;
  • False friends if have a new – The broom announces false friends, which want to make harm to you and use your kindness;
  • Old friends if have an old – The old broom brings you old relations, that  means that you will meet with old friends;
  • New service if buy – When you buy a new broom in your dream, means that you have bad servants at work and you will get new ones;
  • New work if in the corner – The sign that soon you will lose your job, but you will get the better one;
  • Self protection if ride on it – You know how to protect yourself from tribulations.

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  1. I was brooming in my dream . removing all the dust on floor and there was also some black dust near the wall bottom n room become clean after that n i was so surprised about that much dust

  2. I dreamt that there were new brooms in the bathroom neatly cleaned. I also saw a big Rat in the brooms, moment it saw me it hid in the brooms. The bathroom was very tidy.