Brothel dream meanings

General Meanings:

Money If a woman dreams that she was in a brothel, then this marks the uncertainty about sexuality. This is a symbol of sex business – you sell yourself or your mind – because of money.

New experience A man dreams that he was in a brothel, this shows his fear of women, this may express curiosity about strange new “forbidden” experience of pleasure.

Psychological Meanings:

Moral attitude The dream symbol of brothel points to the desire for sexual liberation and freedom. You have to solve your spiritual conflict and to seek to deal with people who have no moral inhibitions and try bring the soul back “into shape”.

Different experience Sleeping with a prostitute in the dream, therefore marks your huge experience in your life, but in some cases this also points to unmet sexual needs and desire to repressed feelings in your real life.

Spiritual Meanings:

In the dream of brothel manifests the darker side of femininity. A brothel may also be an expression of spiritual guilt that a man feels towards women.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Listen to others if be in a brothel – To dream of being in a brothel, this denotes that you need to find an agreement with others. You have to hide your extravagance and assurance and only then you will find the solution.

* Please, see meaning of prostitute.

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