Brother dream meanings


Masculine aspect of self; camaraderie.


What do I admire or fear in myself?

General Meanings:

Two sides of personality The dream of brother can actually bring an expression about your relationship with your own brother and the interpretation is obtained from the real life circumstances. Also the dream symbol of brother can indicate another side of our personality (two souls in one breast). You have an ability to accept or to reject it, but at least you have to know this as much as possible and to explore.

Look at yourself For men, the dream of brother draws attention to mental or moral irregularities which ones they have to stimulate and to correct them.

Support For woman, the dream of brother indicates her own little brother – the fellows who turn to us as brothers, we may give help to overcome difficult period and this called brotherhood. Also old dream books give the following meanings of this dream:

  • The dream of older brother shows that you are looking for a sincere adviser or a good personal relationship based on security and warmth.
  • The dream of younger brother can be sure that you will get an advice, assistance and protection. Also shows your immature parts of the personality.
  • Farewell to brother in the dream indicates that you will not have any support from others, this is time for you to trust on your own.

Psychological Meanings:

The dream of brother for a man is a symbolic figure which marks that you are on your own, you have to solve your problems alone. The dream of brother for a woman is synonymous with her masculine part of her personality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • News if see brother or sister – To dream of brother or sister , then this dream shows that you will get news which will be unexpected to you;
  • Happy family if a woman dreams of her brother – This dream announces that you will have a domestic happiness and close relation with your family;
  • Concerns if man dreams of his brother – This dream indicates that the dreamer will have expected disagreements with partners or even family members;
  • No support if farewell with brother – In the dream you farewell with your brother, then this dream is a sign that you will have to trust only on yourself;
  • No help if lose brother – In the dream you lose your brother then this means that you will go through a stormy future without any help;
  • Bad situation if see death of brother – To dream of death of brother, then this dream will bring you deterioration of the situation;
  • Annoyance if quarreling with a brother – You are quarreling with brother in your dream, this means that in near future you will have irritation with your family members;
  • Loss of friend if see dying brother or sister – This dream will bring you death of a true friend.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • True friends if have brother – In the dream you see that you have a brother, then this dream is a sign that in real life you have really good friends who are like brothers to you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happiness if see brother – To dream of your own brother, then this dream has a very positive meaning which announces family unity and family happiness;
  • Sorrow if say goodbye or lose a brother – In the dream you farewell with your brother or lose him, then this dream is a bad sign that that you will have loss through serious illness or even death.

* Please, see meaning of siblings, sister, family.

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