Brotherhood dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wish to be part of something Belonging to a fraternity in a dream refers to the fact that the dreamer has the desire to belong to a group of like-minded, such as a trade union or the Freemasons and etc. All people need to be confirmed by the group, and such a dream illustrates how the dreamer deals with ritualized behavior group.

Psychological Meanings:

To be part of brotherhood this is especially a male desire. There they expect support, secrets and loyalty.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the brotherhood is like the priesthood, the men and the women can belong to this. This gives the dreamer support and ability to grow as a personality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • True friend if drink with someone – In the dream you are in some kind of group and drink with someone, then this dream indicates true friendship.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wish for true friendship if drink in a group – In the dream you belong to some kind of group and enjoy drinking, then you really desire for a good, loyal friend, and want to trust him/her.

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