Brown bear dream meanings


Right-wing extremism and racism, naked or stripped down all clothing, arrogant or prescient.

General Meanings:

The brown bear as a dream symbol stands for leadership and healing ability. The bear also shows that the dreamer has strength to defend, because he has a protection force and finds the balance.

* Please, see meaning of bear, grizzly bear, black bear.

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  1. I do not know where I was, but I was running from this brown bear. It could find me anywhere. he was hunting me. Could sniff me out of any hiding. I was so scared! I woke breathing heavy and scared to death still after I woke I could feel the fear.

  2. Had a black bear guide me away from a male lion that didn’t seem dangerous. Then the bear took me to my childhood home while it kept looking back to see if the lion was following. The bear was treating me like it’s cub, guiding, pushing, etc in the direction it wanted me to go. Then when I finially made it to my childhood home it turned and ran back to which we came.

  3. I had a dream with me and my husband were at a High School field taking a 40 min. walk. On the out skits as we were leaving, I turned around and saw a brown bear. As we both saw this we ran to the car got in and drove away. As we left we saw an individual, he got him into the car for safety. Then we all left we passed a junior high school, and warned some people of the bear. After that I saw that the bear was heading toward our church. I ran into the church and distributed a church meeting, or what was every going on.

    This is not the first time I have dreamed of a bear. Before that I was in side a house and looking out then a looked to my left and out of the woods came this bear. The house was in wooded area , I lower down an ladder which lead to the attic/upstairs. The bear came into the house but it tear anything it just stood on it hind legs. Then I woke up.

  4. After a second suicide attempt,,,,,I am mentally ill,,,,I had a dream of many grizzly bears in a river,,,,,very wild,,,,very isolated,,,,I have dreams of very wilderness places and always nature a feeling of true nature,,,,,what else is there,,,,,e erythimg is nature and isolation,,,,,I love animals and feel close to animals more so then humans,,,,,bears are in my dreams,,,,

    • I won’t answer your email if you were to contact me but know this from one person with other worldly knowledge that knows about suicides and emotions. You can probably have a spiritual parasite that hijacks your spirit and dwells along inside of your thoughts ,these parasites are real and have past lives they make you feel things and if they have commited suicide in their past you will have that urge too until you realize they are forcing feelings upon you. This is no joke and I am not insaine. I have freed myself by forgiving everyone in my life including all past lives my own or within,all parasitic souls I forgive and above all I forgave myself for everything and allowed a clear pathway for God to forgive me and I felt something leave my body. I never feel depressed now and I am not scared of anything ,its weird but its the only way. Fill your heart with love forgive all and be free!!! Try it and your mental problems will be solved. Look up archons and how they have been attaching themselves to us for centuries. This is why Egyptians wore snakes on 3rd eye. Check it out and open your mind and heart.
      I will pray for you.

  5. had dream of bears protecting me,,one being by my bed,,others outside,,,of being tricked by some bad guys,,out to do me harm but the bears always there to protect me……….wondered if i should be too close, but all ok and i well protected……..felt there was some danger from some people around in my situation,,but some to protect