Budgerigar dream meanings


Mimicry & emulation, impersonation & imitation.


Do you make fun of yourself or somebody else?

General Meanings:

Childish person Budgerigars are mainly known for their art of imitations. So dreaming of budgerigar may indicate that your are making fun of something. Also the dream of budgies also are related with immaturity and greenness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Irresponsibility if see¬†budgerigar – In the dream you see¬†a budgerigar then this may show that you are too irresponsible and do not want to grow up.

* Please, see meaning of parakeet.

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  1. I have just had a dream of Budgies. Lots of Budgie Birds in 2 bird cages .I also think that a person was in one of the cages with the budgies.lots of colour .yellow was a colour that stood.out.
    Does anyone know what this dream means?.Thanks

  2. I was in a lady’s backyard as she’s overseas and there were chickens in a big cage waiting to be fed and next to them there was another cage with budgerigars .. I went to go get some bird seed from home to bring it back then that was it

  3. I was with my partner in a bedroom at his parent’s house. A red and White budgerigar flew in through the window. I saw it very distinctly then I noticed 2 feathers on the floor beneath where it had been kind of hovering. When I picked up the feathers and looked at them I realised that they were chaffinch feathers and told my partner this. The budgie sat on a shelf/cupboard so that I could get a good look at it’s colours and markings. The room seemed as if it wasn’t properly furnished – I don’t think there was a bed and the floor was not carpeted.